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.. I lie there. Watching. Waiting for his return. wondering if he'll ever come back.  And just like that, the door flies open

George: Dine-saw! Grrr! ~Picks up dinesaw~ ~Giggles~

When he picked me up and ran around with me and spun me around, it was like nothing else on this earth. his touch was like heaven.

Peppa: (From downstairs) George! Supper is ready.

And just with those words, he was gone. Although our time together was short, i know deep in my heart, one day, George will be mine.

I am Mr dinosaur. And this is my story.

(Peppa pig into plays slowly, Rose petals falling from the sky)

Mr dinosaur POV for the whole story

George is out to the supermarket with his mummy. I'm not with him, though. Sometimes he forgets me, but i never forget him. In my head he holds me so close. As i'm lost in my thought Out of no where i hear a voice

Peppa: When will you tell him?

Me: ?!?

Peppa: ~leaning against wall~ Admit it. You like George.

Me: ~flailing arms angrily~ N-no i don't!

Peppa: It's okay. The point is, you have to tell him.

Me: Yes...but what if he does not return my feelings

Peppa: Believe me, he does.

Me: Eehh!?!?

Peppa is gone. But what did she mean by 'He does?'

Soon, the supermarket trip is over. Daddy pig managed to buy chocolate cake and he wasn't even there.

Late at night, George is sitting outside alone. I decide that after 4 years of being by his side, it's finally time to listen to peppa's advice and confess my feelings to George!

Me: ...George?

George: Yes, dinesaw?

Every time he says my name i melt

Me: There's.........something i have to tell you

George: ~Puts his hands on my shoulders~

My face becomes bright red. brighter and redder than any sun in the whole world

George: You can always tell me anything, Dinesaw






It's finally time to say it. I close my eyes, clench my fists, and brace for the worst.

Me:...I like you!

George simply stares back at me for a long time. not knowing what to say. He suddenly wraps his arms around me.

Me: I-i..


My face faces becomes redder and redder as he moves closer. His orbs stare deep into my own. And he whispers...

George: ..I like you too

And just like that, our lips crash together for a passionate kiss. I still can't believe this moment is real. Although eventually we had to breathe. i hoped the kiss would last forever. 

Me: George. I've felt this was about you for many years.

George: So have i..

Me: Will you....Marry me

He stops. Tears form in his eyes

George: Of couse i will! ~hugs mr dinosaur~

And i knew that we would always be eternal


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