This is a Peppa Pig version of 101 Dalmatians 1996, including the series.

Characters: Peppa is Jewel, Danny is Whizzer, Pedro is Lucky, Freddy is Fidget, Candy is Two-Tone, George is Dipstick, Chloe is Perdita, Chance is Pongo, Richard is Kipper, Mummy Pig is Anita, Daddy Pig is Roger, Madame Gazelle is Cruella De Vil, Mr. Bull is Jasper, Dr. Elephant is Mr. Skinner, Zuzu and Zaza are Cadpig, Suzy is Spot, Joey is Rolly, Mr. Rabbit is Horace, Edmond is Alonzo, Emily is Dumpling.

Movie comes out in December 2016.

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