12 is the twelfth studio album by Princess Pony. It was released in 2012, and recorded throughout 2011.

Album artwork

Princess is sitting on a bench in a jacket, with crystals over her face. There are no logos.


In an interview in 2011, Princess said she named it "12" because it was her twelfth album, she was planning to release it in 2012 and that it will have twelve tracks.

Track listing

  1. (This Is Gonna) Be Fun
  2. Nope!
  3. Bobby (The Rocking Gazelles cover)
  4. Heartbroken
  5. I Just Want To Hold You One More Time
  6. Fit
  7. Doggies
  8. I Am A Pooooony!
  9. Maya
  10. /\ Better Day
  11. See?