Peppa: I'm presenting my Christmas special.

Farfour: Oh hell no!

Peppa: Why?

Farfour: I'm cooking you for Allahmas.

Peppa: NOOOOO!!!

Farfour: PEE PEE!

[Chef Pee Pee walks in.]

Farfour: Cook Peppa and her family into Allahmas soup.

Chef Pee Pee: Okay!

[12 days later, the Allahmas Eve Eve feast almost is ready.] 

The GPS: We killed Peppa! I'm coming for you, Emily!

Farfour: Snobby people make better ingredients than pigs.

[Cuts to Emily's house.]

Chef Pee Pee: [as Skinny Cuban Santa] Who wants to live with Skinny Cuban Santa?