Peppa: OMG! There are 3,800 articles on this wiki!

George: I know right?

Mummy: Its pretty epic.

Daddy: IKR

Danny: What the beans does that mean?

Alex: I know right?

Peppa makes seeeeence!!

(In the new born sheep)

Peppa: Ahh! What happened!

Heropeppa: Just bring you back to all of those other 3,799 articles.

Miss rabbit: Congrats, its a boy!

(At the adventures of peppa pig)

Peppa: There is nothing here.

Daddy: The show is on hiatus.

George: Oh!

(At Pippa pork)

Pippa: I'm pippa--

Peppa: No! (Shoots Pippa)

(At The swear)

Peppa:Censored this!

(At The epicness of peppapedia)

Peppa: People are owning out there!

George: I know right!

(At Alex pig(Episode))

Peppa: This will explain were Alex is!

Alex: (Fades onto the science) Huh?

Daddy: We are time traveling!

Alex: oh!

(At world tour)

(Everyone keeps on dying)

(Back home)

Mummy: We are back!

George: Yes!

Peppa: Thank god!

The End