29th episode!!!!


Poppa: (to Suzzie) We need some money because we're broke.

Suzzie: Let's watch TV, Poppa.

Poppa: Okay, Suzzie. (turns on the TV)

TV Narration: Coming up next is... DRAGON BALL Z: 2ND COMING OF BROLY!!!

Poppa and Suzzie: (confused) What???

Trunks: (grabs an apple from the fruit bowl and eats it) Yummmmm!

Goten: Ha-ha...

Videl: No!

Goten: APPLES!!! (tries to get an apple but Videl slaps him)

Videl: I SAID NO!!!

(after a few seconds, Goten's going to cry!)

Goten: (teary-eyed) Y... Y-you... YOU SLAPPED ME!!

Videl: Yeah, and I'd do it again.

Goten: (wailing violently at Videl and making his tears gush out of his eyes) BBWWWWWWWWWWAAAA!!!!! VIDEL, I WANT AN APPLE... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!! AAAAAAAAAAAGH, AGH, AAAGHH...

Videl: Shush, Goten!! Or the monster will hear you any minute!

Goten: (still crying) ALL I WANTED WAS JUST ONE LOUSY... APPLE!!! (bawls some more)

Poppa: Look at Goten cry, Suzzie!

Suzzie: I know, Poppa! (laughs)


Goten: (still bawling outside) YOU HIT ME!!! (x3) WAAAAAAAHHH...

Videl: Okay, Goten... I'll hand you a soft-boiled egg.

Goten: (cries softly for 25 seconds) Ulp! (beat) Uh... Waaaaa! (FAKE CRY!!! >_<)

Videl: Here.

Goten: (grabs the soft-boiled egg and eats the whole thing) Mmmmmmm!

Poppa: Wow, Suzzie! Isn't Dragon Ball Z great!?!

Suzzie: YES, POPPA MY DEAR!!! (laughs, along with Poppa)

Poppa: Here's an apple, Suzzie!!

Suzzie: (eats the whole apple) Yummy!

Poppa: Nice apple, huh? Okay...


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