Peppa: Thank god its summer break.

George: I'm just glad that...... WHAT THE?

Peppa: George what's wrong?

George: Someone just blocked me.

Peppa: I've been blocked, too.

Mummy: What's going on?

Peppa: Someone blocked us.

Mummy: O_O

George: Now we can't do anything.

Daddy: Hello!

Peppa: Go away!

Mummy: We don't need you!!

Peppa: What are we going to do? 

George: I can hack into the blockers account.......

Peppa: Thank godness.

George: But it would take 9 hours. So we have to try in the Morning.

Peppa: Okay

The next morning

George: O_O

Peppa: George what's wrong? Were u reading rated 12 pages again?

George: Now its that, the one who blocked us was...... 

Peppa: whoa that was all a dream...Wait, WHY AM I SLEEPING ON A PLANE

Mummy: because your cousin Paul is coming to live here for a month



Peppa: I love summer.

Paul: hey, Aunt Pam did you here about what happened two months ago

Mummy: yup I miss Panle

Peppa: yeah paul mummy said that he flew to space

Paul: well actually he-

Mummy: died from stepping on glass

Peppa: D':

Paul: can I show you guys my account on Peppapedia

Peppa: I've got one to

two hours later,

Paul: hey Peppa do you like turkey

Peppa: I'm allergic to turkey but not on Thanksgiving

Paul: oh

The End


Last: George Stop Reading Rated 12 Pages

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