[Peppa and her family arrive at the PBC Television Centre]

Mr. Potato: Welcome to where the film our show! I'm Mr. Potato!

Mrs. Carrot: I'm Mrs. Carrot!

Sweet Cranberry: I'm Sweet Cranberry!

Mr. Potato: And here's Little Sprout! Would you like to see the things that are in the studio room?

All the visitors: Yes!

Mr. Potato: Well, come with us!

[Mr. Potato, Mrs. Carrot, Sweet Cranberry and Little Sprout lead the visitors to the room where they film The Mr. Potato Show]

Mr. Potato: So, visitors, this is where we hang up the drawings!

Peppa: Daddy, look! There's my drawing of you watching TV!

[Flashback to Mr. Potato Comes to Town]

Daddy Pig: Yes. I remember that.

Mr. Potato: And this is where I get into my potato costume.

Mrs. Carrot: And this is where I get into my carrot costume.

Sweet Cranberry: And this is where I get into my cranberry costume and that's where the person who plays as Little Sprout gets into his sprout costume.

Peppa: Wow! It's amazing!

Mr. Potato: And here are the cameras we use to film the show!

Peppa: Oooooooh! This is interesting!

Mr. Potato: And out the window, that's my actor's trailer!

Peppa: I've never seen an actor's trailer before!

Mr. Potato: And there's the lunch truck, very convenient for us actors to grab a bite to eat.

[The next day, when Peppa was at playgroup....]

Peppa: Here's what I did on the weekend. I went to the studio where they film Mr. Potato and saw the wall where they hang up the pictures, the rooms where the actors get into their costumes, the cameras they use to film the show, Mr. Potato's actor's trailer and the lunch truck for the actors!

Suzy, Danny and Pedro: Wow, Peppa!

Emily: You mean all you did on your weekend was go to the studio where they film a baby show about a big fat potato?

[Lisa and Brianna laugh hard]

Peppa: You're just jealous, Emily!