Peppa Skipping right before she finds the acid


Peppa finds 20 kilos of acid and has a good idea what to use it for.


Peppa: (Skipping happily) Oof! I ran into plastic barrels! But what's in them? (lifts lid of a kilo) It's acid! But what should I do with it? (runs home with the cilos)

Peppa: Mummy! Mummy! Huh? (sees a shotgun) I wonder what would happen I put acid in the gun? (Runs over to Suzy Sheep's home) Suzy!

Suzy: Yes Peppa?

Peppa: I found 20 giant cans of acid!

Suzy: That could get a be sold for about £10000! Let's sell them!

Peppa: I wasn't gonna sell a liftime's worth of acid for a ton of money! I was gonna put it in this shotgun!

Suzy: Acid guns? Can I have a kilo of acid?

Peppa: Take 2!

Suzy: Thanks!

Peppa: (Runs home)

Mummy Pig: Peppa! Where have you been and what are you doing with that shotgun and why does it smell like poison?

Peppa: I found 20 plastic barrels of acid! Who needs bullets when acid is way better!

Daddy Pig: Very clever!

Mummy Pig: Yes!

George: Acid! (Tries to touch it)

Peppa: No George acid is dangerous!

Peppa: I'm going over to Rebbeca's home to show her the acid! I'm taking 3 cans of acid with me!

Mummy Pig: Bye Peppa take the gun with you so if you get robbed you can poison the robber!

Peppa: Hi Rebbeca! 

Rebbeca: Hi! Why do you have 3 giant cans of acid?

Peppa: I'm going to replace all bullets in guns with acid!

Rebbeca: Wow! Let's play with them and shoot apple trees!

Richard: Acid

Rebbeca: No Richard you stay here!

Peppa: There is and apple Tree there!

Rebbeca: Fire!

Both: (Starts shooting at the Tree)

Peppa: Now we can have loads of apples!

Rebbeca: Yay!

(Back at Peppa's home)

Rebbeca: Let's call over Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog, Freddy Fox,Wendy Wolf, Candy Cat, Emily Elepant, Pedro Pony, Your couisn Chloe, Zoe Zebra and others!


(Everyone arrives at Peppa's house)

Chloe: What's the big thing Peppa?

Peppa: Uh... Where's Suzy Sheep?

Freddy: Uh... lets just say she will be back soon... from a plane...

Peppa: Okaayy

Freddy: I know what the big thing is!

Peppa: Well the others will know now! Follow me!

All but Freddy, Rebbeca, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig and Peppa: Wow!

Zoe: There are 14 plastic barrels of acid here!

Peppa: Yes, there were once 20, but the best thing is the guns!

Pedro: Why?

Rebbeca: Cause they have acid in them!

Zoe and some others: Wow!

Suzy: Hi! Don't ask about the veil!

Chloe: But what about it?

Suzy: Uh, let's just say I went to Arabia with Peppa's acid guns.

Peppa: Ok.

Narrator: Peppa loves playing with acid guns, everyone loves playing with acid guns!


  • When Suzy said "Let's just say I went to Arabia," she maent she was in Arabia shooting Bandits with the acid guns.
  • If you try putting acid in the real shotgun, it will corrode it.
  • If you try putting acid in a non-corrosive shotgun, it won't fire.
  • Acid guns are completely different from acid-filled shotguns.
  • Acid will not poison people, proving Mummy Pig is a retard.

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