Alexander turns five and gets what he wants for his birthday.


Chloe: Alexander, do you know what today is?

Alexander: It's my birthday, big sister! (giggles)

Chloe: Oh, it's your birthday! Happy birthday, baby brother! You're two years old! (giggles)


Peppa: (opens door) Morning, Alexander. Today's your birthday! I'll sing a birthday song for you. (singing to "Are You Sleeping") Happy birthday, happy birthday! Whoop-dee-doo, whoop-dee-doo! Open up your present, open up your present! Just for you, just for you! (finishes the song, then sents Alexander a box) Here's your present, Alexander! (giggles, then tiptoes away)

Alexander: (reading card) "Warning: Splat enclosed." What splat? (opens the box, then the pie hits him) Yuck!

Peppa: (giggles) That's a splat present, Alexander! (giggles some more)

Alexander: Hey! Me want more present! Hmph. (blows raspberry)

Peppa: (gives a fire engine to Alexander) Happy birthday, Alexander! (giggles)

Alexander: For me? How sweet! (presses the button of the fire engine, then the siren wails humongously loud) WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

Peppa: (giggles) That's a BIIIIG fire engine siren, Alexander!

Alexander: (stops crying) Huh? I want presents, presents, and more presents! But I'm not getting anything that's good! (groans)

Peppa: (gives some candy to Alexander) Here you go.

Alexander: Thanks, cousin Peppa. (takes a bite of the candy) Mmm... Huh?! (fire comes out of his mouth) AAAUGH!!! WATER, WATER!!!

Peppa: I said it's chocolate-covered spicy bits! (giggles)

Alexander: (drinks the glass of water, then sighs) Much better. It little too spicy, though. (giggles)

Peppa: You want more presents, cousin Alexander?! (gives a baby bottle to Alexander) Here you go. Happy birthday.

Alexander: Tank-oo, cuz. (tries to drink from the bottle, then the monster comes out of the lid) Oh! What's that? (giggles)

Peppa: That's monster juice, Alexander! (giggles)

Alexander: I want more presents!

Peppa: (gives a TV set to Alexander) Here you go, Alexander.

Alexander: Thanks. (turns on the TV)

(The TV has some dancing dragons in it)

Alexander: I love it! (giggles)

Uncle Pig: What's going on here? (gasps) What the dickens--? Alexander! Are you greedy?!

Alexander: Yes, daddy. (sighs)

Uncle Pig: Well, then... Go to sleep, son.

Alexander: Yes, yes... Yessity-yes, daddy. (yawns)

Uncle Pig: Ho-ho. That's my boy... (gets picnhed by a lobster) OWCH!

Peppa: (giggles) I've put a lobster on you, Uncle Pig!

Uncle Pig: Ow! Ow! Get it off me! Get it off me!

Alexander: Oh, Peppa my cuz! You saved me!

Peppa: Thank you, Alexander. (giggles)



This is the only time Alexander eats candy.

This is the first time Alexander plays with a fire engine. The second time is in Alexander at the Playgroup.

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