Donate to the church of scientology!
— Alexander's first words in batman begins (his very first was Puddle though)
Alexander Pig is the son of Aunty Pig and Uncle Pig and the cousin of Peppa Pig. He is still learning how to speak. He also cries a little less, but is learning not to, and is on the road to becoming a stronger baby piggy. He doesn't know how to speak, but he says "goo goo" and "puddles", the latter being his first word.


Alexander wears yellow clothes like his older sister, which he also sleeps in. It's pretty much all he wears. He somewhat looks like George, only Alexander is smaller and wears no shoes. In MatthewSmarter's fanon, he wears a dark yellow shirt with blue pants and wears black shoes.



Alex can talk and is an evil scientist.

Alexander in 2017

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On May 30, 2017, Alexander celebrated his 13th birthday and is in Year/Grade 8 in high school. He wanted to be a fireman when he was older until 2017, when he now wants to be a babysitter.


  • Alexander is more of a minor character than a main/supporting character. There has been word that Peppa Pig might come back with Series 5 but it is not sure if they do Alexander might be in it a little more.
  • Alexander is a firm believer in the church of scientology, and the main character in Batman begins
  • Although it's hard to notice, those with a good eye will be able to tell that Peppa dies by the hand of alexander.
  • In the spin-off series by Joe Clark, Alexander is in an alternate universe where he is the Joker, and you are a skeleton.