This idea was from Skids' Funeral.

Elory: Alfirk, I didn't even have time to meet you.

Ben: Me too.

Mac+Cool: But there is a new king...

Elory: Who?

Mac+Cool: Me of course :D

Ben: :)

(everyone is crowded around Alfirk's grave)

Mac+Cool: Alfirk was a good user.

Elory: We will remember her.

2005EvimothCity: Yes.

(in heaven)

Alfirk: (flying around everywhere) WHEEEEEEE! :D

(back at the funeral)

Ben: I wonder what Alfirk is doing in heaven.

Littlebat10: Anyway, never forget about Alfirk.

Everyone else: We won't!

Finlaydoespotatoes: All violent starts have violent ends

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