10 Peppa
This article has been rated 10 meaning it may contain censored swearing in it.
If i come back will you remember me
i don't know if i'm ready to do this.

i've been ready for a long time but dude


Δlfirk: i'm leaving.

Peppa: what!?


Mummy pig: it was about time. writing all those bad fics..

/\lfirk: haha yeah. they were pretty bad, weren't they? :)

George: what are you gonna do now?

Δlfirk: i don't know. i've thought about being a cartoonist

Dylan dog, heropig, other characters i made: NOOOOOO!!!!

Δlfirk: i know. i made you guys. but i've been planning this for 6 months. wish i'd said so sooner.

Heropig: how you gonna go out?

Δlfirk: i've loaded myself full of 30 illegal explosives. they'll all go off when i press this button ~holds up button~

Dylan dog: NOOOOOOOOO D':

Δlfirk: dude, shut up!

Peppa and the apple juice: what about me?

Δlfirk: oh yeah. and i'll be deleting shitty fics like you that i made before i leave.

Peppa pig: haha yes!

Daddy pig: ~shows up~ what's going on?

Mummy pig:  Δlfirk's existence is insignificant and she's blowing herself up.

Daddy pig: ~gasps~

Δlfirk: calm down. only my peppapedia life is dying.

Brony4everr: you ready man?

Δlfirk:....~looks down~ i'm ready.

Dylan dog: ~sobs on chloe pig's shoulder~

Δlfirk: ~walks to the edge of a cliff~

~dramatic sunset lol~

~everyone waves~

Δlfirk: i guess this is really it.

WtfWeirdo: i guess so. ~wipes tear~



..~awkward silence~

Δlfirk: BOOBS! ~presses button~

~explosives go off~

my time has come

yes. this is me, Λlfirk, retiring from peppapedia. i've been planning this for 6 months, but i had to have a proper goodbye. i MIGHT come back one day. the chances are low, but still there.

i'm unblocking a lot of the people i blocked unfairly and deleting a lot of my fanfics. i know this is sudden, but take it like a man.

I hope you had the time of your life..

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