First pilot of 
Wendy Wolf


(Theme Song)

(Title Card)

Narrator: Wendy is getting ready to go outside after Peppa became nice again.

Peppa: Hey, Wendy! Do you to play?

Wendy Wolf: Yes!

Peppa Pig: Okay! Lets play catch!

[Pedro, Danny, Candy, Suzy, Emily, George, Edmond, Richard, Rebecca, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Grandma Pig, Grampy Rabbit, Miss Rabbit, Simon, Chole, Baby Alexander, Auntie Pig, Uncle Big, Brianna, Ryann, Mr. Potato, Lisa, and Grandad Dog appear.]

Peppa: Wanna jump in muddy puddles?

All: Yes

[At the garden]

All: [Jumps in Muddy Puddles]

Peppa: This is awesome!

Wendy: I agree

All: Even more

Narrator: Everyone likes Muddy Puddles.


The End