Madame Gazelle standing sadly with the apple glued to her hands.


Peppa after Madame Gazelle ran through the puddle she was jumping in.


Emily: I'll bring Madame Gazelle another apple! *picks up apple and walks to playgroup* *drops apple on the way*

Mr. Bull: *walks past apple with a bucket of glue* It'll be GREAT to glue my guitar back together again! Then I'll be able to play the kids a tune at the local shops! *spills glue on apple* Look, my glue spilt onto the apple down there. I guess I'll have to buy some new glue! *walks off*


Emily: *finds apple* That's where I left it! I'll bring it to Madame Gazelle * brings it to Madame Gazelle* Sorry about the delay yesterday, Miss!

Madame Gazelle: Thank you, this petit apple will taste very bon! *picks it up and it sticks to her hands*. Emily Elephant, how did this happen?

Emily: I guess something must've happened to it while I left it in the middle of nowhere!

Madame Gazelle: Actually, never mind that, I've got to run. So fast that it might drop off my hands! *runs off really quickly*

Peppa: I love jumping up and down in muddy puddles!

Madame Gazelle: *runs through puddle and makes Peppa all muddy* Sorry, Peppa!