Angela in the form of an anaconda.

Angela Anaconda is an 8 year old girl who entered the Peppaverse with her friends and Nanette Manoir. She comes from her show, Angela Anaconda. Peppa and the rest of her friends think Angela's show is creepy to watch.

Her secret identity is Lady Elaine, as revealed in "Angela is Evil". She claimed to be a titan who came from the planet Titanium named the Angela-Titan, but this was actually true, as revealed in the 2-parter episode, "Attack on Angela".

Angela Original Design

What Angela looked like in the book Friends and Foes

In Eggs, she was resurrected and is now a reccuring character, but died 1 second later in a eye. She was resurrected 3 months later, revealing that she is a cat. She was resurrected somehow again.