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Peppa, her gang and Emily as Angela Anaconda characters

Angela Anaconda X Peppa Pig is a crossover show between Peppa Pig and Angela Anaconda. The show aired 2 seasons with a total of 43 episodes. The final episode is a 2 parter.


  • Peppa is Angela
  • Suzy is Gina
  • Danny is Johnny
  • Pedro is Gordy
  • Emily is Nanette
  • Lisa and Brianna are January and Karlene
  • Madame Gazelle is Mrs Brinks
  • Tobias is Mark and Derek
  • Fido is King
  • George is Baby Lulu
  • Candy is Candy
  • Jimmy is Jimmy
  • Rebecca is Josephine


Angela and friends invade the Peppa Pig universe, Peppa and her friends don't like this very much, but try to live with it.


Season 1

Season 2