[The episode starts off outside Peppa's house]

Narrator: [while the camera zooms inside the bedroom] It is nighttime, and Peppa and George are about to go to sleep.

Mummy Pig: Good night, Peppa and George. [snorts]

George Pig: [giggles and snorts twice]

Peppa Pig: [giggles] Good night, mummy! [snorts] Good night, daddy!

Daddy Pig: [snorts] Good night, my little piggies. [turns off the lights and he and Mummy Pig leave the bedroom]

[Cuts to the living room, the TV is still on].

Angela Anaconda: [comes out of the TV and burgles Peppa, Rebecca, Zoe and Suzy's houses by stealing all the toys from them and putting them all into a black bag] Let's hide them. If Gordy sees these toys, he'll take them back to the rightful owner.

Rebecca Rabbit: [wakes up when she hears Angela] Who was that? [notices Carrot, her toy carrot, has been stolen] Where's Carrot? [goes outside and sees Angela] Well, it looks like me and Richard have been robbed. I'll tell mummy to call the police.

Write The Rest, 2005EvimothCity

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