[The episode starts off outside a restaurant. It zooms inside the restaurant as the narrator speaks]

Narrator: Peppa is at a restaurant called Brady's.

Waiter: Welcome to Brady's. Can I take your order please?

Peppa Pig: I'd like some pancakes and a cheese sandwich.

Waiter: [writes down their orders on paper as they say what they want]

Daddy Pig: Pizza with pepperoni on it and a cup of Creeamy Sooda.

Mummy Pig: 5 Swiss rolls with chocolate jam on them and a cup of Watermelon Santa Mortica.

George Pig: Cheese and crackers with grape juice.

Chloe Pig: And a cheese sandwich and a pizza. For my drink, a smoothie.

Waiter: Alright, they will come in 3 minutes.

Suzy Sheep: [visits the restaurant] Hello, Peppa.

Peppa Pig: Hello, Suzy. Your voice sounds different. Is there a reason for that?

Suzy Sheep: Well... [shifts shape into Angela Anaconda]

Pedro Pony: Noo! She's evil

Peppa Pig: Pedro your voice sounds different too.

Pedro Pony: Well..[shifts into Gordy Rhinehart]

Write the rest, Mac+Cool.