Peppa: What Australian TV shows are there?

Kylie: Well, there's Play School, Bananas in Pyjamas, Cyberchase, Giggle and Hoot, Dirtgirlworld... Infact, Dirtgirlworld's on now! Wanna see it?

Peppa: Yes, please!

[They go to the TV]

Kylie: *turns it on*

Peppa: Gaaah! What is that thing? Angela Anaconda's Australian cousin?

Kylie: No, that's Dirtgirl!

Peppa: *runs away*

Kylie (offscreen): Where are you going, Peppa?


Kylie: Peppa, you've gotta see this!

Peppa: Huh? *comes back* OHMYGOSH! SHE'S OUT OF THE TV! AND SO IS HER BROTHER! *runs away*

Dirtgirl: Peppa, wait!

Kylie: She's not used to your animation style, you see. Anyway, g'day Dirtgirl, g'day Scrapboy! What brings you here?

Dirtgirl: Well, you see, you know how no adults live on Dirtgirlworld?

Kylie: Yeah?

Dirtgirl: Well, you see, once, we ran away from school camp to go to an abandoned farm, and that abandoned farm became Dirtgirlworld. And the teachers gave up looking for us because they thought we were dead. And today, while going on a walk for this year's camp, our old teacher discovered Dirtgirlworld and now we have to live in this world so that our teacher can't find us.

Kylie: Peppa, come back! They mean no harm!

Peppa: *comes back* If you say so, Kylie.

Dirtgirl: G'day, I'm Dirtgirl!

Scrapboy: And I'm Scrapboy!

Peppa: I'm Peppa!

Dirtgirl: Pleased to meet ya!

Kylie: Would you like to live with me, Dirtgirl and Scrapboy?

Dirtgirl: Thanks, but we'd rather go and settle Dirtgirlworld II.

Scrapboy: Let's call it Scrapboyworld this time!

Dirtgirl: No, let's call it Dirtgirlworld II!

Scrapboy: Scrapboyworld!

Dirtgirl: Anyway, let's go.

Kylie: Bye, Dirtgirl!

Peppa: Bye, Scrapboy!

In the countryside...

Dirtgirl: Aha! This'll be it! Dirtgirlworld II!

[They go into a farm]

Scrapboy: No, Scrapboyworld!

Dirtgirl: No, Dirtgirlworld II!

Farmer Alpaca: What are you kids doing on my farm?

Dirtgirl: Let's get out of here!