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Gordy popping out of the TV


Angela asking Peppa, 'Why not die?'


Peppa telling Lady Elaine that her nose is so big.


Peppa Pig characters

  • Peppa Pig
  • George Pig (cameo)
  • Mummy Pig (cameo)
  • Daddy Pig (cameo)

Angela Anaconda characters

  • Angela Anaconda
  • Gordy Rhinehart

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood characters

  • Lady Elaine


Peppa: Oh crap! Not this show

(Gordy pops out of the Tv)


Gordy: You gotta help me!

Peppa: Why?

Gordy: Because Angela made us look creepy

Peppa: Okay

(They go into the TV)

Angela: Why not you die?

Peppa: No

(Peppa makes the animation not creepy)

Peppa: Now everything is not disturbing here

Angela: That's what you think?

(Angela turns into her real form Lady Elaine)

Peppa: Your nose is so big!

Lady Ealine: I know and I'm very proud of it.



  • This is the second time Peppa sees Angela Anaconda, the first being The Scary Program