Freddy Fazbear's Pizza when Dog's Pizza turns into Freddy Fazbear's Pizza


[outside Peppa's house]

Peppa Pig: [reading title card] Angela the Anaconda.

[zooms inside Peppa's house]

Narrator: Peppa and George are watching The Mr. Potato Show.

TV: [cuts to a picture of a crown] And now, an important message from the Queen.

Peppa and George: The Queen!

Daddy Pig: [snoring]

The Queen: Actually, I'm not the Queen, I'm... [turns into Angela Anaconda and sings] My name is Angela Anaconda, hey ho! Welcome to my very own show! I'll introduce you to my friends!

Peppa and George: Aaaaaaaaah! Turn it off, Daddy!

Daddy Pig: Okay, Peppa and George. [presses the power button on the TV remote several times, but the TV won't turn off] I can't turn it off, it's no use.

Angela Anaconda: [jumps out of the TV]

[Peppa and George run away from Angela Anaconda]

Peppa Pig: George! Hide under the blanket! [hides under the blanket with George]

Angela Anaconda: [voice only] Peppa.

Peppa and George: [looks at Angela Anaconda]

Angela the Anaconda: [as an anaconda snake] My name is Angela, hey ho! Welcome to my very own show! I'll introduce you to my friends!

Peppa and George: Eeek! [runs away from Angela, and runs outside and runs all the way to Dog's Pizza]

[Angela Anaconda runs inside Dog's Pizza and beats up Emily, Lisa and Brianna, and runs outside Dog's Pizza and turns it into Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Angela then throws Edmond Elephant into the endless pit of death, it then cuts to Peppa and George running into Grampy Rabbit's Dinosaur Park, Angela runs into the park]

Angela the Anaconda: [drowns Grampy Rabbit]

Grampy Rabbit: [voice echoed] RAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! [water floods into the entire dinosaur park]

Peppa and George: Look George! run from the flood! [runs away with George and runs into the Playgroup, they then slip into the wet floor inside the Playgroup, bumping into the children there. Peppa and George break into a closed museum. George ends up breaking all of the dinosaur statues, Angela then steals all of the paintings, causing the museum to catch on fire, causing the museum to turn into a spaceship]

Peppa Pig: Let's run into the supermarket!

George Pig: Okay.

Angela the Anaconda: [Angela runs into the supermarket after Peppa and George run into it. Peppa battles Angela with Teddy, George battles Angela with Mr. Dinosaur, after Angela loses her tongue, George's dinosaur falls into lava]

George Pig: [cries]

[Peppa still battles with Angela, Teddy turns into a lightsaber, Peppa's lightsaber falls into lava, causing Angela to melt and causing Peppatown to explode]

George Pig: Peppa?

Peppa Pig: Before I die, I'll have to say my last words...

[Cuts to Peppa sleeping, she wakes up]

Peppa Pig: Phew! It was just a dream.


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