[The episode starts off outside Peppa's house, it zooms inside while the narrator speaks]

Narrator: Peppa and her family are watching Mr. Potato on television.

[on the TV]

Mr. Potato, Mrs. Potato, Mrs. Carrot, Sweet Cranberry and Little Sprout are shown wearing diapers]

Mr. Potato: [in Gordy Rhinehart's voice] And now, to end our show...

Mr. Potato and his friends: Poopy! [poops their diapers]

[Back to Peppa and her family]

Peppa Pig: What? Mr. Potato and his friends would never do that in The Mr. Potato Show!

[Back on the TV]

Angela Anaconda: Fooled you, again!

Peppa and George: EEK!

Angela Anaconda: That didn't happen at the end of the episode at all. I hacked the episode with my friends so I can fool you! And soon, I'm going to rule PBC forever! [laughs evilly]

Mr. Lenerd: [offscreen] Angela, you can't rule PBC forever.

Angela Anaconda: Why, Mr. Lenerd? You're old, and you're retired.

Mr. Lenerd: I still watch PBC with my great grandchildren. [leaves]

Angela Anaconda: Oh, and one more thing... [turns into her anaconda form]

Peppa Pig: [screams]

Angela Anaconda: *sings Anaconda*

Peppa: EEK!!! Daddy, help!!!

Angela Anaconda: My anaconda don't.

Daddy Pig: Peppa, why did scream for help?

Write the rest, Mac+Cool.





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