Angry Birds Peppa is a game that was released in late 2011 in the Phillipines, early 2012 in the UK and the USA, early 2013 in Europe, mid 2014 in Brazil, early 2015 in Asia, and mid 2016 in Australia and New Zealand. It is a parody of Angry Birds.

Trailer Plot

Red, George, Suzy, and Pedro are playing in their clubhouse getting tea and cookies, in Emily's clique, Emily, Emily's butler, and Lisa are having a tea party, but all they got is stale bread and tap water, so they decided to steal Peppa and her gang's cookies. A fly accidentally lands on Peppa's cookies, Peppa gets angry and kills the fly, along with Suzy and Pedro. When they are done killing the fly, they notice that their tea and cookies are gone and they scream, George sees some elephant tracks and sees Emily and her butler getting ready for the tea party, Peppa, George, Suzy, and Pedro get really angry and they attack Emily and her gang, but Emily has an idea, she and the other members of her gang will build towers so Peppa and her gang will not get their cookies and tea back.

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