Area 9 (also known as PEPPA SHUT UP) is a project by L.E.D made to contain mysterious consoles that are somehow alive but its goal is to create a city named $£P$X.

2002 PlayStation

A mysterious console. It can shapeshift into anything made by Sony, and it will always be a red colour.


A mysterious console, coloured purple with a slot for cartridges and a disc feeder resembling a mouth with teeth. This console has a purple controller with two very large orbs.


A console which looks like a mix of the SNES, Dreamcast, PlayStation and the Xbox Original. The controller looks like the Wii remote but with analog sticks, a green triangle, a pink square, a blue X, and a red circle and a black button with a green X on it. Mysteriously, the design of the console is a nude Katy Perry on a cloud from the music video for "California Gurls".

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