Skit 1

(Suzy is about to jump off)

Peppa: Noo! Don't jump! (Sets up camera) Okay! Now jump!

Skit 2

Richard: Do you want a piece of me?

Edmond: Yeah!

Richard: Well, here you go then!

Edmond: thanks!

Skit 3

Mummy pig: Okay kids, who's ready to draw?

Peppa, George, Alex, Suzy, Richard, and sammy: Me! Me! Me!

Mummy: Okay then, (pulls out gun) Draw!

(Gunshots everywhere)

Skit 4

Rebecca: Okay, hit the carrot!

(The carrot gets hit)

Rebecca: Ya--(Tree falls on her)

Skit 5

Peppa: Hey, what time is it?

George: It's medication time!

(Everything turns back into normal)

George: this is better.

Skit 6

Teddy: Chase me Peppa, Chase me!

Peppa: (laughs)

(Peppa gets hit by a car)

Teddy: hmmm, Good.

Skit 7

Peppa: Hey, I'm not like other girls, I have, snake arms!

(Solid S.N.A.K.E dances)

Skit 8

George: I'm sorry dinosaur, but I'm gonna have to let you go.

Dinosaur: No please...

(Dinosaur is revealed to be a balloon)

Dinosaur: Nooooo!

Skit 9

Peppa: Is this you?

Suzy: Yeah!

Peppa: Hello!

Suzy: Hi!

Skit 10

Sammy: Here comes that TRAINSgender guy.

Danny: I like trains!

(Trains kills them)

Skit 11

Peppa: I wish I could fly!

Daddy Pig: Your wish is granted.

Peppa: YAY! (Hits Ceiling and dies)

Skit 12

George: Oink, Oink, I'm a pig, I said oink oink I'm a pig!


Skit 13

Edmond: You know what I hate, little pig murders.

Richard: Oh god, here comes one now!

Alex: I'm gonna get'cha!

Skit 14

Pedro: CanonBall!

(Hits Grandpa Pig's boat)

Skit 15

George: Oink, Oink, I'm a pig, I said Oink Oink I'm pig! Oink, Oink, i'm a pig, I said oink oink I'm a pig!

Skit 16

Daddy pig(holding baby peppa): My beautiful baby, this is the happiest day of my life!

Mummy pig: If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!

Daddy pig: (claps and drops peppa)

Skit 17

Pedro: ( comes out of suit) have you seen my lemons, I want my lemons!

Skit 18

Daddy pig: I don't wanna be fat anymore (triggers gun, then eats it)

Skit 19

Suzy: Beep beep, I'm a sheep, I said beep beep I'm a-

Alex: No!