[Tobias is in his basement room, watching Ninja Pigs]

[The Ninja Pigs fall out of the TV]

Tobias: Oh my gosh! The Ninja Pigs! I'm your biggest fan!

Squeonardo: Hey, dude.

Gruntael: I think we just fell out of that TV.

Hogatello: We gotta get back in before the Pork Shredder takes over the world!

Pork Shredder: Not if I end the episode first! *ends the episode*

[The Adventures of Superpig comes on]

TV: And now, The Adventures of Superpig!

Superpig: *accidentally flies out* Oh, no, it seems I've flown out of a television! I needed to stop Lex Lupork from taking over the world!

Lex Lupork: Not if I end the episode first! *ends the episode*

[Star Boars comes on]

Luke Skyporker: *falls out of the TV*

Tobias: Cool, Luke Skyporker now!

Luke Skyporker: I've gotta defeat Giraffe Vader!

Giraffe Vader: Not if I end the episode first! *ends the episode*

Tobias: Everyone, I'm your biggest fan! Now, I want all of you to go to the Evil Kids' treehouse and defeat them before they take over the world! They look innocent, but they're evil, really!

Luke Skyporker: Got it. Where is this treehouse?

Tobias: In my backyard.

Squeonardo: Got it.

[They go to Peppa's treehouse]

Superpig: Step aside, Evil Kids! *blasts them*

Peppa: AAARGH!

[The Ninja Pigs come up and use their ninja moves]

[Peppa and her gang run away]

[Superpig and the Ninja Pigs chase them]

Luke Skyporker: *gets in front of them* *draws a lightsaber*

Suzy: It's no use running away! We need to fight back!

Peppa: What with?

Pedro: Um... sticks?

[The big kids show characters laugh]

Peppa: Let's get away!

[They run away]

Danny: Let's call the cops!

Peppa: Good idea!

[They go inside]

Peppa: Danny, hold the door closed!

Danny: *holds the door closed*

Peppa: *calls the cops* Hello, we are being attacked by Superpig, Luke Skyporker and The Ninja Pigs.

Cop: Kids, it sounds like it's just a bunch of creepy guys dressed up as them.

Peppa: Really?


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