The villagers of Peppatown have to fight George when he becomes a giant.


George: I wanna be big!

Mummy Pig: I'm sure those big kids were just teasing you.

George: (shows video of George getting beat up)

Mummy Pig: So THAT's why the camera had blood on it.

George: Oh well, night night.

Mummy Pig: Good night!

George: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


George: (wakes up) I'm huge!

After a while, George has an angry mob after him and he runs into the woods and loses the mob when he comes to Baby Bears cottage.

Baby Bear: I have a sword George! You may have helped me get the treasure, but you can't take it from me!

George: I'm not gonna take it!

Baby Bear: Too bad!

George: Don't. Even. Think. About. It!

Attack on George

Attack on George

Baby Bear: (throws sword at George's chest)

George: NOOOOOOOOOO! (dies)

Back at the house.

George: (wakes up) Oh, thank God it was just a dream.

Mummy Pig: Good morning George! Edmond can make you a titan, if you still want to be a titan.

George: No!

The End

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