George: What is it Edmond?

Edmond: I've made something amazing by accident. Wanna see?

George and Edmond go to the deep depths of the lab.

Edmond: I've made this terra firma powered titan summoner, or "TFPTS". As soon as this chemical touches dirt, it will soak it up and make a Titan Pig group!

George: Let's go test it out!

Edmond: No wait!!!

George runs outside with the canister of TFPTS and pours it into the dirt 15 yards away from the lab. Suddenly, Titan Pigs come out of the spill. The spill keeps making Titan Pigs very quickly until the chemical it fully soaked up, and this takes place within 9 seconds.

Edmond: The titans are very dangerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...ous. You maniac, you've killed us all.

All the Titan Pigs run towards town.

Edmond: Wait here! (runs into lab and runs out with Titan fighting gear) I had a feeling this would happen, which is why I made these.

Later, the Titan Pigs are attacking the city. Peppa is being chased by one.

Peppa: Help! Someone help!

Suddenly, George comes up and kills the Titan.

George: You called? (hands Peppa some Titan attack gear)

Epic battle scene.

After a while, the titans are dead.

Peppa: We did it!

Mayor Lion: Thank you once again! Now let's get this mess cleaned up then.

The End

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