When Pedro enlists his Father's help to reach out to Peppa, he realizes that Mr. Pony may know more about the Dome than he is letting on.Meanwhile, Grandad Dog appoints himself sheriff of Peppatown.


(The Episode Opens Up To Grandad Dog in his Office)

Grandad Dog: It's Time For The NEW Sheriff to Step In! *He opens up his closet, and takes out a Gun, and a Sheriff's Badge* NOW, To Go To Mrs. Gazzele's! *He gets in his Car and drives to Mrs. Gazzele's House*

(Mrs. Gazzele is coming out on her Porch With Coffie)

Mrs. Gazzele: Oh, hello Grandad Dog!

Grandad Dog: Hello, Mrs. Gazzele! *Gives Her a Walkie-Talkie* Take This! So We can stay in Touch!

Mrs. Gazzele: *gives him a Weird Look* Must I REMIND You, that you broke into my House to Threaten ME!?!?

Grandad Dog: Oh, I'm Sorry About That, I Apologize, Sometimes I Just get Overzealous.

Mrs. Gazzele: And Also to Note,Zis Dome HASN"T Treated the Previous Town Sheriff's Very Well!

Grandad Dog: Yes! Yes! I Know That! I Figure That The Dome has something else in mind for me, and I've been luck, *He heads back to His Car*

Mrs. Gazzele: Thank You For You Consideration!

Grandad Dog: Well, You're Quite Welcome!

(The scene switches to Mr. Pony's Manor outside the Dome)

Pedro: So, Dad,Have You Figured Out A Way Yet?

Mr. Pony: Yes, I've Con-Vinced The Millitary to drop The Firewall so that you can send a Message to Peppa.Can You Write Down Ze Message Please?

Pedro: Yes Sir! *He writes down the Message and syas in it about a "Leap Of Faith" and how he survived the Fall* Here You Go! *hands the Message to Mr. Pony*

Mr. Pony: Alrightze thank You! Now I Weel Type It! *He types the Message on the Computer* Now, Do You Know Someone inside Ze Dome that I Can Send This Too?

Pedro: Yes! I Would Like for you to send it to Danny Dog. It's! That's Danny's Email Address!

Mr. Pony: Alrightza! *He types the address in the Box and sends it* He Weel Be Getting It Verry Soon!

Pedro: I Hope So!

(The scene switches back to The High School)

(Danny and Suzy are filming a Video Blog)

Danny: And This Is Danny Dog! Signing Off! *He stops the Video and looks rather sad* Well,Even if we can't send it out, At least hopefully someone will find it someday, even if we don't survive.

Suzy: Yeah, You're Right About That.So Now What?

Danny: Let's Go To The Tunnell Entrance.

Suzy: Alright!

(They both go to the Tunnell Entrance behind the Locker)

(Suddenly Danny's Phone starts ringing)

Danny: Why, The Firewall Must Be Down!

Suzy: I Guess It Is!

Danny: Now, Let Me see why my phone rung! *He pulls out his Phone and discovers that he has a Email* I've Got A Email!

Suzy: From Who?

Danny: I'm Not Sure.*He reads the Email and becomes surprised* I Think We Had Better Show This To Peppa!

(The scene switches to The Diner)

(Peppa and Brianna Bear are having breakfast)

Peppa: This Is Good, isn't It Bes?

Brianna Bear: Mmmm! Yes!

(Danny and Suzy come into the Diner)

Danny: PEPPA! You Gotta See This!

Peppa: What Is It?

Danny: It's This Email! *He sows her the email which says Dear Peppa: It is Me Pedro.I Took A Leap Of Faith and I Survived The Fall From The Cliff.I Want To Get In Contact With You As Soon As Possible.Sincerely Pedro.I Think Pedro's Alive! 

(However, they do not see the Part at the End which Mr. Pony added secretly about bringing the Egg)

Peppa: Well,To Be Honest,I Don't Think It's really from Pedro,There's No WAY He could have Survived That Fall!, But, I Would like to see if we can get and or send a  Email Back.Let's Go Back To The School! C'mon guys!

(Peppa,Danny,Suzy,and Brianna Bear go back to The School)

(The scene switches to The Pyschiatric Institute)

(Granny Dog and Mr. Wolf are checking on Mr.Bull)

Granny Dog: Mr. Bull? How are you feeling today?

Mr. Wolf: Yeah,Ya Feeling Any Better?

Mr. Bull: It's In The Cards.It's In The Cards.It's In The Cards.It's In The Cards.It's In The Cards.It's In The Cards

Mr. Wolf: Alright,Uh,This is Getting Weird, I Think I'm Ready To Leave Now That I Know You're Okay.

Granny Dog: But You Can't Leave Yet! I Want You To Help Me Rescue Edmond From The Dome!

Mr. Wolf: Oh, All Right! But I Don't Know How I Got Out!

Granny Dog: Well, Mr. Bull'll Know! And I Know Just How To Get him Out! I Suggest We Steal An Experimental Drug for Mr. Bull that the Doctors Won't Authrorize!

Mr. Wolf: Well,If You Say So, It'll be Risky, but'll I'll do it!

Granny Dog: That Sounds Wonderful!

(The scene switches to Pedro, who has gone back to the Playground, and is waiting for some sign that Peppa got his Message)

Pedro: I Just Hope She Got It!

(He starts looking around for a Sign but sees Nothing, However, Little Does He Know,He is being Watched)

(Who's Watching) (Tell Me Who's Watching) (Who's Watching Me) I'm Just An Average Man With a Average Life,I Work From Nine To Five,Hey,Hey,I'll Pay The Price,All I Want is to be left alone,In My Average Home,But Why Do I Always Feel Like, I'm in The Twilight Zone,And.....I Always Feel Like,Somebody's Watching Me,And I Have No Privacy,I Always Feel Like,Somebody's Watching Me,Tell Me It Is Just A Dream......(song continues in background)

(It is revealed that A Rabbit is Watching Pedro,On A Hidden CCTV Camera)

Rabbit Technician: Now Let's See, Who This Fellow Is! He looks familiar, but I can't nail a Face! *he runs facial reconition and discovers that it's Pedro* It's Pedro Pony! HA! MAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! *starts laughing evilly* MAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! NOW! PEDRO! WILL! BE! CAUGHTT! MAHAHAHAHAHAH! MAHAHAHAHAHAH! MAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (It zooms closer to his Face as he continues laughing evilly)

Pedro: Well, I Guess She Didn't Get It! *He walks away from the Playground*

Rabbit Techinican: NO! HE CAN"T LEAVE! I GUESS I'M GONNA HAVE TO FOLLOW HIM! *He comes out of his Secret Hiding Place, and starts following Pedro secretly*

(Pedro is walking back through the City,However,Little Does He know,The Evil Rabbit/Mad Scientist Technician is following him)

Pedro: I'm Feeling Like I'm Being Followed! *He turna around but sees nothing* Guess It's Just My Imagination! *He continues walking*

Rabbit Techinican: *comes out of hiding and continues following Pedro* Heheheeheheh!

Pedro: Now I'm REALLY STarting To Feel LIKE IT! *He turns around quickly and sees The Evil Technician, hidden by a Mask* YOU! YOU'VE BEEN FOLLOWING ME! I KNEW IT WASN't MY IMAGINATION! *He runs at The Techinician*

Rabbit Techinicain: AH! NO! LEAVE ME ALOOOOOOOONE! *He runs backwards and away from Pedro, but then he trips on a Sidewalk Edge and falls over* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Pedro: YOUUUUUU! *He runs over to The Fallen Rabbit Techinicain* WHO ARE YOU!?!??!?!?!?


Pedro: Oh Yeah!?!!?!?, TELL ME WHO I AM!

Rabbit Techinicain: You Are Pedro Pony! Born On April 25th! You Are A Pony,You Wear a Yellow Suit and have glasses due to vision problems, Youre Mothers Name Is Mrs. Pony,You're Eye Color Is Black,You Are 6, You were sent to The Eye Doctor A Lot,You You are 4'5,Have A Background dealing with a Nefarious Leader known only as Amanda A. And Have A Habit for using Sold Bicycles! And Mr. Pony changed The Email You Sent To Peppa!

Pedro: I DON"T BELIEVE YOU! HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS MUCH ABOUT ME!!?!?!?! *He looks at his face* IS THAT A MASK!?!?!!??!?!



Rabbit Techinican: NO! LEAVE ME ALONE! LEAVE ME ALONE! I'LL NEVER TELL YOU! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-*Pedro angrily grabs his Mask and pulls it off,revealing he is in fact, Richard Rabbit) *Gulp*

Pedro: Richard Rabbit!?

Richard Rabbit: *Several Nervous Gulps* Y-Yes, It-Is M-Me.

Pedro: Why..YOU! *He angrily grabs Richard by the Shirt Collar* WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?!!?! AND HOW DO YOU KNOW ALL OF THIS ABOUT THE EMAIL!?!?!?!?!?

Richard Rabbit: *Nervous Gulp* L...Let me Prove I'm Telling The TRUTH! PLEASE! I"M BEGGING YOU!

Pedro; *Gives Richard A Glare* I'll See If I Can TRUST You! Even Though I Probably CAN"T *releases Richard from his grasp*

(The scene switches back to Peppatown High School)

(They Are Getting Ready to try too send anoher Email)

Danny: Alright, Here Goes Nothing! *He tries sending another email but discovers that The Firewall is back up* Ah Man!

Peppa: The Firewall Back up?

Danny: Yep! So I Can't Send A Email Back.

Suzy: If That's True About what they were saying abut this Cliff, I've Gotta Take A Chance and Jump Off The Cliff!

Peppa: I Still Want Confirmination First.And I Want To Send Him A Message Back To Prove He's Alive.

(The scene switches to The Pyschiatric Institute)

Granny Dog: Oh! There's A EMERENGNCY! ON THE 9th FLOOR!

Nurse: Really?


Nurse: Well, All RIght! *She leaves her desk and heads for the 9th Floor*

Granny Dog: DOCTOR WOLF!

(Mr. Wolf comes out of nowhere disguised as a Doctor)

Mr. Wolf: Alright, i'm Here! *He opens up the Cabninet and Gets The Drug Out* C'mon! Let's Go! *They run back to Mr. Bull's Room*

(The scene switches to the Sheriff's Office)

Edmond: Boss? What Are You Doing!?

Grandad Dog: Well, You See, I've always been Interested In Protecting The Town.

Edmond; Really? A Sheriff is Supposed to Be Loyal! I Don't Believe You!

Grandad Dog: But The Dome Has Revealed It's Plans To Me.

Edmond; Well, If YOU Say So!

Grandad Dog: And Also, I Apologize For Not Trusting You. *Hears His Radio Buzzing and answers it* Hello?

Mrs. Gazzele: (On the Radio) We Have A Problem At The Diner.

Grandad Dog: Alright, I'll Be There Soon! *He hangs up* I Gotta Go! There's Something Going On At The Diner!

Edmond: Can The Clever Clogs Come As Well?

Grandad Dog: Yes.You Can.

(They Go To The Diner)

Grandad Dog: So, Mrs. Gazzele, What Is The Problem?

Mrs. Gazzele: Look! *She points to The Nearby Alleyway, where the Wreckage of The WIndmills Are*

Grandad Dog: *gasps* WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING!?!?!/!??!?

Edmond: *gasps*

Grandad Dog: I Think, Someone's Trying To Send Us A Message! *suddenly his Radio buzzes and he answers it* Hello?

Granny Opssom: (On the Radio) Grandad Dog! There's A Fire On The Outskirts Of Town!

Grandad Dog: Alright, Thank You For The Warning! *hangs up* C'mon Guys! There's A Fire! We Gotta Go Put It Out!

Mrs. Gazzele: Alright.

(The scene switches to Daddy Pig, at the Office, and feeling Lonely as ever)

Daddy Pig: UH! This Is SO Boring! I Have NO ONE To talk Too! Both Mr. Rabbit and Mrs. Cat Are Gone! I'm The ONLY One Left! IT"S NOT FAIR! *He stops doing The Work and has a Sad Look On His Face,when suddenly he hears a Knock At The Door* I Wonder Who That Could Be? *He answers The Door and falls down) AH!

Mad Man: SHUT UP! *He grabs Daddy Pig by The Collar* YOU KILLED MY 3 MEN! YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! *He throws Daddy Pig against The Wall*

Daddy Pig: WHO ARE-WAIT A MINUTE! I REMEMBER YOU! YOU RAN AWAY LIKE A-*Gets thrown across his Desk* AGH!


Daddy Pig: NEVER! *He starts Fighting The Mad Man* LEAVE ME ALONE!

Mad Man: NEVERRRRR! I"VE BEEN WANTING TO TAKE ON REVENGE FOR YOU FOR A LOOOOONG TIME! AND NOW! IT"S MY CHANCE! *He throws Daddy Pig onto the Floor* NOW! GOODBYE! *He gets ready to Finish Daddy Pig Off with a Samurai Sword*


Mad Man: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *Due to Daddy Pig's Noise, The Mad Man gets sent flying out the Building Window* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-*Hits the Ground below and is Unconcious*

Daddy Pig: *looks out the Broken Window and at The Unconcious Mad Man below* Serves......H-Im..R-i-g-h-t *He walks back to his Desk and sits Quietly*

(Meanwhile,below, The Mad Man is Still Alive, but has a Broken back)

Mad Man:*gets up* OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! AGHHH! *He starts to walk away from The Workplace* Someone-e! Any-On-e! AGHHHHH! *He wanders away from the Workplace* Ho-s-p-i-t-a-l! H-E-L-P! M-Y B-A-C-K! HURTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! *Yowls In Pain*

(The scene switches to Pedro and Richard Rabbit)

Richard Rabbit: This'll Help You Accsess the Computer, so You'll Believe Me *Gives Pedro a Jump Drive*

Pedro: Thank You Richard, And We'll Be Able To Keep In Touch Through The Earbuds Right?

Richard Rabbit: Of Course! 

Pedro: Alright, I'm Gonna Go Back To His House, And When I Get In There, You Talk Me Through n How To Get To The Email, Alright?

Richard Rabbit: Yes I Will.

Pedro: Good, 'm Off! *Pedro walks hurriedly back to Mr. Pony's Manor and finally reaches it* Okay, I'm In!

Richard Rabbit: *Over the Earbud* Alright, Put The Jump Drive Into Mr. Pony's Computer

Pedro: Alright, I'm Doing That *he sticks the Jump Drive in The Computer, and then Forces comes up* Uh, What's This?

Richard Rabbit: *In his Secret Hiding Place* I've Accsessed His Computer, and I Had You Bring Up That Website becuase, I'm Using It to broadcast the Truth About The Dome To The World.And Now, I'm Accessing The Email Up! *He accsesses the Computer and The Email comes up* I Got It Up!

Pedro: Thanks Richard *reads the Email and sees the part about the Egg* Yep, My Father DID Add The Part About Her Bringing The Egg!

Richard Rabbit: I See! *He brings up Surveilence Photos Of Peppa* Woah, *Suddenly He sees Mr. Pony Coming in on The Sercurity Camera* PEDRO! MR.PONY'S COMING BACK!

Pedro: *gets off the Computer and gasps*  HE IS!?!?!?!?!


Pedro: ALRIGHT! *He gets away from the Computer and stands beside it*

Mr. Pony: *Comes In* Hello Pedro! Have You Been Looking At The Com-puter?

Pedro: *Nervously* Y-Ye-s! She's A G-L-O-R-y! And,Uh, I Was Trying To Accsess My Email!

Mr. Pony: Oh, You Were? Do You Need Help With It?

Pedro: Uh,N-No! No Help Needed At All!

Mr. Pony: Okay.

Pedro: And,Uh,Can I See A Photo of Mummy? I Haven't seen A Picture Of Her For A Long Time.

Mr. Pony: Sure, Ped-ro!

(Mr. Pony takes Pedro over to the Photos on The Wall, which gives Richard enough Time to Complete The Download and start Restoring the Computer back to Normal)

(Dramatic Music plays, as the Race against Time ensuses)

Richard Rabbit: Alright,Okay,And That,And close The Logs, *He finishes the Download, and starts getting The Computer back to Normal* 

Mr. Pony: And That's Her Right There! *points to a Picture at the top of the Wall* Alright, I'd had better go check on the Computer! *He walks toward the Computer*

Pedro: *Nervous Gulps* Y-Yes!

Richard Rabbit: FINISHED!

Mr. Pony: No Updates Yet!

Pedro: *gasps but then realizes what he is saying* Oh.

Richard Rabbit: WHEW! HALLEJUIAH!

Mr. Pony: Yep, no updates! Still the SAME Old Boring Screen! *suddenly, he starts thinking about something* Pedro, I Want You to Come With Me Somewhere!

Pedro: W-WHere?

Mr. Pony: You'll See Son, C'mon Let's Go. *He and Pedro leave*

(The scene switches to Grandad Dog,Edmond, and Mrs. Gazzele who have arrived at The Burning Car*

Townsperson Dog: It Ain't Easy Putting These Darn Things Out! *He uses a Hose and puts out the Fire* There!

Grandad Dog: Well, It's Already been Put Out.

Granny Opossom: *Over the Radio* I Told You That I Saw It.I Was Just normally walking down the Street, and all of a Sudden,I Spotted a Burning Car in the Scorching Heat!

Grandad Dog: Alright, Granny Opossom, thank you! *He hangs it up* Wait A Minute! *He looks Over and sees a Sign for his Garage* I Sold That Car! The Vandal Must be Targeting ME!

Edmond: Well, You Know,Grandad Dog, You did Sell Most of The Cars in town! And Fixed Them As Well! It's A Conceidence!

Mrs. Gazzele: Weel, Edmond DOES Have A Point!

Grandad Dog: Well, We Still Need To Investigate, Let's Go Back To the Sheriff's Office!

Edmond: Well,Okay!

(Edmond and Mrs. Gazzele Head Back With Him)

(The scene then switches to Mr. Pony, taking his Son to his Workplace)

Pedro: So,Uh,This Is Freson Energy?

Mr. Pony: Yep, This Is My company!

Pedro: *looks around and sees several Model Planes* WOW!

Mr. Pony: You see,Pedro,I Bypassed The Military To Send Peppa the Message Directly.The Government Hired F.R.E.S.O.N Energy to figure out a Way to Breach the Dome, and I, made Sure That I Had A Backdoor for my Own Use.

Pedro: Sounds Interesting Dad, And Also,I Would Like To Send Another Message To Peppa.

Mr. Pony: Don't Worry Son,You can,I WIll Take You To The Person Who Will Make it Possible! 

Pedro: Who Is It?

Mr. Pony: You Willze See Son,You Weel See.

(Mr. Pony takes Pedro to a Sever Room, and the Person is none other than Richard Rabbit)

Pedro: *gasps* (Pedro is surprised to see that Richard Rabbit is The Man who is working for his Father)

Richard Rabbit: *He is wearing a Fake Mustache and gasps when he sees Pedro* Hello Mr. Pony! And, Uh,Fellow Pony,Is He Your Son?

Mr. Pony: Yes! And I Am Very Proud Of Him! Pedro is Wanting to send a Message!  

(Even though Pedro and Richard Know Each other, They pretend like they don't, as to not Make Mr. Pony suspiscious)

Mr. Pony: Alright Son, I Would Like For You to Dictate a Message For Peppa!

Pedro: Alright Dad.

(The scene switches to Peppa and The Others at the Cliff)

Peppa: Alright, Time To Write The Message! *She writes the Message and in it, asks Who Pedro caught going through his Things* Alright, Done!

Suzy: Now Let's Paperweight It!

(They tie Paperweight on it from Grandad Dog's Garage, and get ready to toss it in)

Peppa: Here Goes......

Danny: *hears his Phone ring and sees that he has another Email* WAIT! I've Got Another Email! IT'S FROM PEDRO!

Peppa: *puts down the Message* It Is?

Danny: Yes, it Says Dear Peppa: It Is not the same without you, We've thought up great Ideas for the town, and I Don't Want It To End,Hang In there,And It Was Great At That Old Crazy Tree, Sincerely Your Stray.

Brianna Bear: Stray?

Peppa: Well, Pedro dilberatley described the Wrong Place,But It References The Dome Wall, And I Think He Wants Me To Meet Him There.

Danny: Someone Must Be Montoring Him, so he has to send a Coded Message I Guess.

Peppa: I've Gotta Go see! You Guys stay at the School, While I go to meet Pedro where he asked, I Don't Want You guys To Get In Trouble.

Danny: Alright, We'll Stay Here!

Suzy: Yes.

Brianna Bear: Even More Yes.

Peppa: Alright. *She leaves and heads for the Wall*

(The scene switches to The Pyschiatric Institute)

(Mr. Wolf and Granny Dog are taking Mr. Bull into a Empty Ward)

Mr. Bull: It's In the Cards.It's In the's In the-

Mr. Wolf: You Sure About This Granny Dog?

Granny Dog: Yes!

Mr. Wolf: Alright Then, Here goes Nothing! *He injects The Drug into Mr. Bull by giving him a Shot but his hand starts shaking* AGH! *He manages to stop it from shaking*

Granny Dog: It'll Take It A Few Minutes For It To take The Effect.

Mr. Wolf: I see.

Mr. Bull: It's In the-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!- *He passes out*

Granny Dog: Now All We Have To Do Is Wait For Him To Wake Up.

Mr. Wolf: Okay.

(The scene switches to Pedro, leaving the F.R.E.S.O.N Company, when he spots Richard Rabbit in the Parking Garage)

Pedro: *looks At Richard Rabbit suspiscouly* Hmmmm.After What Happened Today, I've Got Some Questions For Him! *He then sees him, but is unable to get to him as a Car has whizzed by him* Now I'll NEVER Get Too Him!

(Richard Rabbit is walking back to his Car/Tri-Car)

Richard Rabbit: Mary had A Little Lamb,Little Lamb,Little Lamb,Little-*He suddenly gets the feeling he is being followed and turns around* Hello? *His Voice echoes, but There is no one behind him in the Deserted Car Garage* Guess It's Just my Imagination! *continues walking*

(Suddenly he hears footsteps behind him and he turns around)

Richard Rabbit: Okay! I Get It! Joke's Over! Whatever! *He continues walking*

(Suddenly, He Hears A Loud Thud out of nowhere)

Richard Rabbit: OAKY! WHOEVER YOU ARE STOP IT! *walks at a Faster Pace*

(Suddenly he starts feeling like he's hearing his name being called from all different Directions)

Voices: Richard....Richard.....Richard....You can't hide forever...Richard

Richard Rabbit: *Gulp* AHHHH! *He walks faster*

(Suddnely, he hears someone calling his name)

Voice: Richard......Oh Richard.....Richardddd.....

Richard Rabbit: *Gulp* *He turns around and sees a Dark Figure with Red Eyes walking Toward Him* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *He runs as fast as he can to get to his car*

Figure: Come Back...RIchard....Come Baaaaaaaasckkk.......COM EHERE RICHARD!

Richard Rabbit: NO! NO! NO! LEAVE ME ALONE! *He runs as fast as his legs can carry him*

Figure: You Can't Run FOREVER!


Figure: *Deep Voice* Heh! Now! Now WHY Would I Do THAT!?!!?!?!? Hehehehhehe...Ahahahahah! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! *The voice echoes through the Parking Garage* 

Richard Rabbit: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *He closes his eyes and prepares for the worst*

Figure: Prepare To Say Goodbye...RABBIT BOY! *He gets ready to strike Richard, but then he comes out of the Dark, revealing himself to be Pedro Pony) Richard, It's Me!

Richard Rabbit: *Opens his eyes nervously* P-Ped-r-ro? That Was YOU!?!?!?!?!?! *Breathes a Sigh Of Relief* Cause For A Second There, I Thought I Was Being Chased By Dr. Evil!

Pedro: Who In the World Is Dr. Evil!?!??!?!?!?

Richard Rabbit: From Austin powers!

(Pedro looks confused as all get out)

Richard Rabbit: Uh. Never Mind.Bottom Line is: I Was Scared As All Get Out.Why Did You do That?

Pedro: Do What?

Richard Rabbit: Scare Me Like That!

Pedro: I Didn't Scare You! All I Was Trying To Do, Was To Catch up too you because I've Got Some Questions To Ask YOU!

Richard Rabbit: But What About The Red Eyes and The Laughing and-

Pedro: I Never Did Any Of That!

Richard Rabbit: But Then, how Did-? *Richard then begans to realize it was all just his Imagination* It Was Just My Imagination!

Pedro: Oh.Well What I Wanted To Ask You Was Why Are You Working For My Father!?!?!?

Richard Rabbit: Well, You see, When We Were Both in Peppatown, Mr Pont never thought we knew each Other, And You see, He Has No idea We've Known Each Other All This Time.

Pedro: Then Why, is Such A Small Person Like You, Working For Freson Energy?

Richard Rabbit: Well, After I Had Been spared From the Dome, I Got On A Computer,And Something Went wrong And I Accidently Hacked Into Their Server and Then FRESON Caught Me and they forced me to work for them.And I've Been Working Their Ever Since.

Pedro: I See, I See.

Richard Rabbit: And What Was All That About A "Egg" That Mr. Pony Mentioned In The Email? And How Did You Escape?

Pedro: I'm NOT Gonna Answer That! I Want Proof That YOU Can Get Me To The Dome! And If You Don't Do It, I Will Expose You To The Government For Bypassing Their Firewall!

Richard Rabbit: *gasps* You Wouldn't!

Pedro: No I Wouldn't....I WILL!

Richard Rabbit: *gulps*

(The scene switches to Grandad Dog,Edmond, and Mrs. Gazzele, who have returned to the Sheriff's Office)

Grandad Dog: Alright People, We're Gonna Complie A List Of Everyone In Town who Holds A Grudge Against Me!

Edmond: That's Mostly Everyone.

Grandad Dog: Yes I Know, But With Hundreds Of Suspects, It Culd Be Anyone Of Them! *gets out a Piece Of Paper* Okay, Let's See. 1.Daddy Pig: Reason is Cause I've Never let him borrowed a Good Lawnmower, 2. Father Jackal: Reason is Cause He says I'm too Upstruck, 3. Brother Jackal, Reason is The Same One as Father Jackal, 4. Mr. Fox: Reason Is Because He Got Mad At Me For The Poisoning Thing,And cause I couldn't get his Badge back, and cause I caused him to get shot in the shoulder and get stuck in the Clinic, and becuase I did something bad to him, 5. Felipe Ferret: Reason is Becuase Before This Dome came down I fixed his Car and charged him 100$ for a Rental One, and he got mad at me for that, 6. Farmer Carl Cat: He was mad at me for nearly poisoning us, 7. Dr. Elephant: Reason is Becuase I Wouldn't Let Him Run The Windmill and also for me making his son into my Assistant. 8. That Conveince Store Owner Guy: He got mad at me for not fixing his Car correctly, 9. DJ Frits: He Got Mad At Me for some unknown reason and lyed and said I Killed People, 10. Dr. Hamster the vet: I couldn't get her Turtle down from a Tree. 11: The Mummy's Fire Service: They all got mad at me for not helping them put out a Fire.And That's Pretty Much it, Oh and I'll cross Out The Mummy's Fire Service since they mostly forgave me.Alright So That Makes It 5/5.This Is A LOT Of People To Cover!

Mrs. Gazzele: I Know, how About We Check half The Men on The List,and You Check The Other Half?

Grandad Dog: Alright, Sounds Like A Plan.And I'll Take The Other Half.

Mrs. Gazzele: Alright,Okay Edmond, Let's Go!

Edmond: I'm Coming! 

(They Both Leave)

Grandad Dog: *picks up his List* This Is Gonna Be A PIece Of Cake!

(The scene then switches to Pedro, who has gone to the Camp where the Protestors have gathered)

Pedro: (He is wearing a lab Coat and has own a fake hat and is wearing boots that make him look 6 feet tall) This Should Be Easy! *He presents himself at the Gate*

National Guardswoman: Hello Sir, May I See Your ID?

Pedro: *Tall man Voice* Yes ma'mam, here you go *hands her his Fake ID*

National Guardswoman: Alright *She checks The ID* Okay, Mr. Heinsern, May I See Your Thumb Print?

Pedro: Yess Ma'mam *He shows her his Thumb Print and she checks it* 

National Guardswoman: Alright Sir, You Can Go Through.Have A Nice Day!

Pedro: Thank You Ma'mam! *He goes through the Gate, and Richard Rabbit has set up everything to let Pedro through* Alright, Now I Gotta Find Someway to get to it! *He looks around and sees a Military Truck loading up, with Soliders in Black Uniforms* I Think I Might Have Just Found A Way! *He walks over to the Truck and asks one of the Soliders* Excuse Me Sir, but, Where Are Ya'll Going?

Solider: Mind Your Own Business! *He jumps onto the Truck*

Pedro: Now I'll Never-*He is about to get up when he gets a Idea* W-e-l-l I-t M-i-g-h-t Could Work! 

(As The Truck leaves, Pedro slips underneath it and holds onto the Carriage as it drives away)

(The scene switches back to The Institute)

Mr. Bull: *wakes up* Uhhmmgh....MOO! Where Am I!?!?!?!

Granny Dog: Mr. Bull, Both You And Mr. Wolf managed to get out of the Dome!

Mr. Bull: Last Thing I Remember Is Hitting My Head As I Fell! MOO! I'm Glad I'm AL-RIGHT!

Granny Dog: The Fall Is What Musta Drove Him Into A Mental State!

Mr. Wolf: I guess It Is!

Mr. Bull: BUT! Where Am I Exactly?!

Granny Dog: You're In A Pychiatric Institute

Mr. Wolf: In Daneham.


Mr. Wolf: I Think We Had better Escort Him outside!

Granny Dog: Yeah, If He Doesn't Like This Place So Much, Then Let's Get Him Out!

Mr. Wolf: Yeah!


Mr. Wolf: Okay, Jeez, Cam Down Mr. Bull, We're Taking You Outside!

Mr. Bull: You're Taking Me Outside?! THANK YOU!

(They take him outside)

(Peppa is riding to The Dome Wall on her Bike, when she is suddenly stopped by Grandad Dog)

Peppa: Hello Grandad Dog, There Something You Need?

Grandad Dog: Yes, I Wanted To Ask you How You Were Doing Since Pedro's Death?

Peppa: Well,Urm,I'm Doing Fine I Guess, But I'm In A Hurry, I'm Going To The Dome Wall to salvage for Food.

Grandad Dog: Alright Then.I'm Very Sorry For Your Loss, Goodbye! *He goes back to his Car and Peppa continues on her way*

(The scene switches to The Military Truck pulling over)

General: Soliders! Ten Hut!

Soliders: TEN HUT! (They all stand up, while The General is calling commands)

Pedro: Now's My Chance! *He slips out from under the Truck and heads into the Woods toward the Dome,However, he is unaware that he just triggered a Laser Tripwire*

(The scene switches to Danny,Suzy, and Brianna Bear going into The Diner)

Danny: I STILL Think that We should have gone with Peppa.

Brianna Bear: Well,Ya See, It's A Romantic Matter Between Pedro and Peppa.

Danny: I Understand,but, Any Error Pedro makes Could Get Him Captured.

(The scene switches to Outside The Medical Institute)

Mr. Wolf: Alright Guys, I'm Going To Go Now That I've helped Mr. Bull recover.

Granny Dog: But We have To Get Edmond Out Of Peppatown and Figure Out What is Going On With The Egg.

Mr. Wolf: Oh All Right.

Granny Dog: Mr. Bull, What Did You Mean When You Mumbled about "It's In The Cards"?

Mr. Bull: Well, I Had Your Postcards On Me When I Jumped Into The Darkness!

Granny Dog: Oh.

(The scene switches to Mrs. Gazzele and Edmond talking to Farmer Carl Cat, one of the men on Grandad Dog's List)

Edmond: Why Were So Angry With Grandad Dog?

Farmer Carl Cat: Well, Ya See, I'm FURIOUS With Both YOU! *points to Mrs. Gazzele* and Grandad Dog becuase everyone thinks that I Was Involved with Your Little Plan to use MY Toads To Develop The FLU!

Mrs. Gazzele: Well, Where Were You This,Uh,Afternoon, say around 12:00-2:00ish

Farmer Carl Cat: Well, I Was Busy Selling All Morning My belongings for Money To Feed My Family! I Had To Sell My Prized Toaster To Garrethn Goat, and I Had To Sell My Coat To Bersun Buck and, Well, I Just Had To Sell Everything Mostly.I Don't Want My Family To Starve!

Mrs. Gazzele: Well,Uh,Thank You Farmer Carl Cat.We're Done Here.

Edmond: Yes, and, Just Keep On Selling!

Farmer Carl Cat: I Will! *He goes back in his House*

Mrs. Gazzele: Well, He's Off The Hook.

Edmond: Yeah, I Don't Think A Nice Guy Like Him Would Do Something Like That.

Mrs. Gazzele: I Agree, I Don't Think he was Involved either! Let's Radio Grandad Dog!

Edmond: Alright! 

(They Radio in Grandad Dog)

Grandad Dog: *Who is at the Sheriff's Office* Okay, not-*He hears his Radio buzzing and answers* Hello? *Before he can answer, he is knocked out from behind by Mr. Fox (Who somehow survived The Darts)* Uhhhh.....*falls onto the Ground unconcious*

Mr. Fox: You Shoulda Known better Than To Have THROWN ME UNDER THE BUS!

(The scene switches to The Mr. Potato Show On TV)

Mr. Potato: To-day, We Weel Will BE! *he forgets it* Uh, I Can't Remember?

Director: *groans* You're SUPPOSED To be Reviweing Tarzan: The Movie!

Mr. Potato: Oh, yes, Now Let Us see! *he puts the Tarzan Movie in* Now Here It Goes!

(A Young Tarzan is seen being put into a Tree House on TV)

Director: UH! You're NOT Supposed To be Watching IT! You're SUPPOSED To Be Reviweing IT! 

Mr. Potato: Oh All R-ight! But It Getting To Ze Best Part!

Director: Just Please Turn It OFF!

Mr. Potato: O-kay! *He turns it off and takes the Movie out*

Director: Now Review It!

Mr. Potato: Alright, Ze Movie Tarr-Zann iz about a Young Boy who goes to live with the Apes, and then one day he falls in Love with a Big Turtle and Lives Happily Ever After! The End!

Director: *Groans* That's Not Even CLOSE To The Plot Of The Movie!

Mr. Potato: Okay, Urm, Well Then, It's About a Boy who gets lost in a Big Jungle After his Plane Crashes, and He has a Pet Elephant for a Friend and he goes 'WATCH OUT FOR THAT TREE!"


Mr. Potato: Well Then,Urm, It's About A Boy, who is discoverd by a Big Ole Lion, and then he meets a Bear, and then he tries to get Eaten by a Tiger, and he gets captured by monkeys, and in the end, he falls in love and moves away!

Director: *Groans* That's THE JUNGLE BOOK! NOT TARZAN! You Obvisouly Haven't Seen The Movie!

Mr. Potato: Well I Wanted Too!

Director: Don't Even Try, just Dont! *facepalm*

(The scene switches to Peppa, waiting at The Dome Wall for Pedro to arrive)

Peppa: Come On Pedro Come On! I've been waiting here for like 10 Minutes!

(7 More Minutes Pass)


(11 More Minutes Pass)

Peppa: THAT"S IT! *She puts her hand on The Dome* You've TRICKED ME Into Thinking That Pedro IS Alive! Haven't YOU!?!?!?!?

(The scene switches to the Police Station)

Mr. Fox: *drags Grandad Dog down to The Cells* You know, I NEVER Thought I'd Have To Do This To YOU Of All People! But, alas, I CANNOT FORGIVE YOU!

Grandad Dog: *Under his Breath* Ah, be Quiet!

(Mr. Fox finally gets to The Cells, and he handcuffs Grandad Dog to a Door)

Grandad Dog: Why Are You Doing THIS!?!?!?!?!?!?

Mr. Fox: *pulls out a Bottle of French Wine and starts drinking* Well....You SEE! It's Because Of ALL The Horrible Things You Have DONE! TO ME!

Grandad Dog: *confused* WHAT!?!?!?!

Mr. Fox: YES! DON"T TRY TO DENY IT! Let's See! You MANIPULATED Pedro and Peppa into Firing Me as Sheriff! And Betraying Me After I Helped You Destroy The Town's Food Supply!

Grandad Dog: I Never Did-

Mr. Fox: I Trusted You!

Grandad Dog: Well, If It Makes You feel any better, I Used To Have The Same Problem, But now I Know Who I Can Trust!

Mr. Fox: Ah, Who Cares! 

(Suddenly, Mrs. Gazzele and Edmond walk into The Police Station)

Mrs. Gazzele: Grandad Dog?

Edmond: GRANDAD DOG!?!??!?!? WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!?

Grandad Dog: *hears them upstairs* HELP! I'M DOWN-

Mr. Fox: *Angrily* BE QUIET!

Grandad Dog: NEVE-*He sees Mr. Fox about to Hit him with a Empty bottle* AGH!

(Upstairs, Edmond and Mrs. Gazzele hear his cries for help)

Mrs. Gazzele: He's Down In The Cells!

Edmond: Let's Go Get HIM!

(They rush down into The Cells and Find Mr. Fox getting ready to hit him with the Bottle)


(This Gives Edmon and Rebecca the Chance to come resue Grandad Dog)

Edmond: *runs at Mr. Fox* YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! *He and Mr. Fox start fighting*

Mr. Fox: You Should've Not Done This BOY! *He tries to Hit Edmond but he ducks*

Edmond: NOT SO FAST! *He ducks underneath him and bites Mr. Fox's Leg*


Edmond: *gulp*

Mrs. Gazzele: I'm gonna Get You Out Grandad Dog! *She unlocks the Handcuff and Gets Grandad Dog free*

Grandad Dog: Thank-*He sees Mr. Fox Gaining The Upper Hand* NO!

Mr. Fox: HA! *He knocks Edmond down and pulls the Gun out from his Pocket* NOW WHO"S ROLE IS IT BOY!?!?!?!?!?!?!? *He gets ready to Kill Edmond with The Gun*


Mr. Fox: BYE-BYE! *He prepares to Pull The Trigger, but Grandad Dog knocks him out from behind with the Empty Wine Bottle* OH! Wings Were made To-*He falls onto the Ground unconcious*

Edmond: *starts breathing heavily*

Mrs.Gazzele: WOAH! That Was A Close One!

Edmond: Sure Was!

Mrs. Gazzele: But, Grandad Dog, Now What Do We Do? And What About Mr. Fox?

Grandad Dog: Don't Worry I'll Take Care Of him!

Mrs. Gazzele: Alright then,Edmond,Let's Go!

Edmond: Alright! Thanks Again, Grandad Dog! *He and Mrs. Gazzele leave*

Grandad Dog: Alright, Come On Mr. Fox! *He opens up The Cell Door and puts The Unconcious Mr. Fox inside The Cell, and then locks him up*

Mr. Fox: *wakes up and sees Grandad Dog* G.....Grandad Dog? *wakes up fully and yawns* We're All Gonna Die Inside The Dome!

Grandad Dog: Well, We All Have Problems.

(Mr. Fox shakes his head in agreement)

(The Scene switches to Mr. Bull,Granny Dog, and Mr. Wolf all at Daneham Fried Chicken)

Mr. Bull: *takes out the Postcards and starts examing Them* Alright, Here's The Order They Came in.

(They all start examining The Postcards in The Order That They Came)

Granny Dog: *realizes that One Of Them is Missing* The Last One's Missing Becuase The Dome came down before I Could Send It! *She gets The Postcard out from Her Purse* But I Got It Right Here.Here it is.*She shows it To Mr. Wolf and Mr. Bull*

Mr. Bull: Woah! 

Mr. Wolf: *looks confused*

(The Postcard shows A Blue Door)

Mr. Wolf: I Wonder What It Could Mean?

Mr. Bull: Maybe It is A Means Of How To Get back in?

Mr. Wolf: Maybe We Have To Find The Door To Get Back Inside The Dome and Bring It Down?

Granny Dog: I Think You Might Be Right Mr. Wolf!

Mr. Bull: Yeah, Then, We'll Be Able To Stop it For Good!

All: YEAH!

Granny Dog: First Thing Tomorrow, We're Gonna Find That Door!

(The scene switches to Night, where Grandad Dog is leaving The Sheriff's Office)

Grandad Dog: *He looks up and he sees a Helicopter heading for The Side Of The Dome* WHAT THE HECKLER!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!?

(The scene then shows Pedro, finally finding Peppa and running To The Dome Wall)

Pedro: *puts his Hands On The Dome Wall*

Peppa: *Does The same*

(suddenly Several SUVS Pull up and a Helicopter soars Overhead)

Pedro: OH NO! *He quickly gets out a Marker and writes On The Dome "Don't Jump"*  and then he earases it*

Peppa: Don't Jump?

(Several Soliders get out of the Cars and head for Pedro)

Solider: *points his finger at Pedro angrily*



(While All Of This Is Going On, Grandad Dog is Watching From Afar through Binoculars)

Grandad Dog: What In The World!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

(Episode Ends)


Pedro Pony

Peppa Pig

Edmond Elephant

Mr. Wolf

Danny Dog

Mr. Fox

Suzy Sheep

Mrs. Gazzele (also referred to as Madame Gazelle)

Grandad Dog

Brianna Bear

Granny Opossom

Mr. Pony

Richard Rabbit

Granny Dog

Mr. Bull

Mr. Potato


Farmer Carl Cat

National Guardswoman

Unnamed Solider

Unnamed Boy

Diner patron

Townsperson Dog

Unnamed Busniess Man


Pysch Ward Patients.

Unnamed General

Several Unnamed Soliders.

Daddy Pig

4th Mad Man

Townsperson Dog

Tarzan (seen on TV)

Father Jackal (Mentioned)

Brother Jackal (mentioned)

Dr. Elephant (menioned)

Garrethen Goat (mentioned)

Besner Buck (mentioned)

Felipe Ferret (mentioned)

DJ Frits (mentioned)

Conveince Store Owner (mentioned)

Dr. Hamster the Vet (mentioned)

Miss Rabbit (mentioned)

Dr. Evil (mentioned)

The Figure (Richard's Imagination)


  • References:
  1. The Song Somebody's Watching Me is heard playing when It is Revealed Richard Rabbit is secretly watching Pedro.
  2. Before Mr. Fox Goes Unconcious, he says And Wings Were Made To Fly.Which Is a Reference to The Song.
  3. The Mask That Richard Rabbit is wearing, resembles a Gas Mask.
  4. Richard Rabbit says that he thought he was being chased by Dr. Evil from Austin Powers.
  5. When Richard Rabbit is being chased by The "Figure" it's laugh sounds similar to Venom from Spider Man.
  6. The Director tries to get Mr. Potato to review The Movie Tarzan.But Instead He tries to Watch It.
  7. Mr. Potato also accidently says The Plot of The Movies of Gerorge of The Jungle and The Jungle Book.
  8. The Mad Man's Fighting Skills resemble that of Bruce Lee.
  9. Richard Rabbit being chased to his Car while trying not to be caught by The "Figure" is a Reference to Several Movies where a Woman is being chased to her car by a Unknown Criminal.
  10. The Suspensful Music from the Film Enemy is used once again.
  11. The "Figure" That Richard Rabbit is Imangining resembles The Red Eyed Creature that is a Crypton.
  12. In The F.R.E.S.O.N Energy Building, There is A Plane That Resembles The One Built By The Wright Brothers.
  13. The Wine That Mr. Fox is Drinking is Called "La Churca".
  14. Farmer Carl Cat has a Old Hudson Hornet in his Backyard.
  15. The "Figure" 's Laughing Scene is a Reference To Dr. Evil's Laughing Scene In Austin Powers, which is another reason why Richard mistook him at First.
  16. The Dramatic Music that is Used is from The Movie Gladiator.
  • Mr. Fox is revealed to still be alive after Being shot in The Shoulder with a Dart by Pedro.
  • The 4th Mad Man who appeared back in Season 1 appears in this Episode to take Revenge on Daddy Pig for Killing His Group.
  • Daddy Pig appears in This Episode, however, Mummy Pig and George are not seen at all.
  • DJ Frits is Mentioned By Grandad Dog as one of The Many People who holds a Grudge against him.However, DJ Frits seeks on Revenge on Grandad Dog for locking him up inside The Burning Buiding and nearly killing him.
  • Dr. Elephant is Mentioned By Grandad Dog as a Person who holds a Grudge against Him.
  • Felipe Ferret is Mentioned by Farmer Carl Cat.
  • Brusen Buck is also Mentioned by Farmer Carl Cat.
  • Mrs. Gazzele references the Deaths of the Previous Sheriffs: Mr. Rabbit and Mrs. Zebra And Pedro (who was sent to The Outside and is still alive)
  • Richard Rabbit is Revealed to be The Creator of Forces.Law.Com
  • This Is The First Appearance Of Richard Rabbit
  • This Is The First Appearance of The National Guardswoman.
  • This Is The Second Appearance Of The 4th Mad Man.

Deleted Scene

There was Orginally Going To be A Scene which would show Mr. Fox recovering from The Dart Wound in The Clinc and then him leaving and heading out to Hunt Down Grandad Dog.And also while he was in there, He would've had a Small Conversation with DJ Frits before leaving.The Scene was cut becuase there was not enough time to put in.Here is The Deleted Transcript:

Mr. Fox: AH! *He grabs his shoulder in pain, which is covered by a Cast* I Wish That Pedro Hadn't put 2 Stupid DARTS In Me!

Dj Frits: You-A Got-A Shot-A By A Dart-A?

Mr. Fox: Yeah, o'le Unsmart Pedro put 2 Darts In ME!

DJ Frits: Hey-A, Wait A Minute-A, Aren't You-A Mr.-A Fox? 

Mr. Fox: Yes, I'm Mr. Fox.

DJ Frits: I-A Know-A You-A!

Mr. Fox: *turns over and sees that it's DJ Frits* DJ FRITS!?!?!?!?!? HOW CAN IT BE YOU!?!?!?!

DJ Frits: Well, I Was- A Shot-A By A Gun-A And Nearly Was Killed-A By-A Being-A Locked-A In The Burning Buiding-A!

Mr. Fox: I Thought You Were Killed In The Fire!?!?!?!?!?!?

DJ Frits: Nope-A, I-A Managed To Escape-A Out-A A Window-A!

Mr. Fox: Wasn't The Fire A Accident?

DJ Frits: *shakes his head* It-A Was-A A Arso-*goes to sleep*

Mr. Fox: DJ FRITS!?!?!?!?!? *He realizes that The Nurses must have given DJ Frits sleep Medicine to heal his Wounds* Oh, Well Maybe DJ Frits was just making that up about it not being a Accident, Besides, I Can't Worry About That Right Now, I've Got To Go Pay Grandad Dog A LITTLE VISIT! Nurse, am I Free To Go?

Nurse: Yes, you Are Free To Go!

Mr. Fox: Thannk You, And uh, just becuase You helped , Here's this! *He gives her a Coupon for his Shop* My Shop's closed Right Now, but, I'll Have It Open Later, Like, 5:00-10:00, something like that, Cause I Gotta Go Pay Someone A Little Visit, but, Anyways, Come By Whenever!

Nurse: Well Thank You Mr. Fox.

Mr. Fox: Your Welcome, And Uh, Have A Nice Day!

Nurse: Thank You!

Mr. Fox: You're Welcome Ma'mam! *leaves*

(Mr. Fox goes outside The Clinic)

Mr. Fox: Today, Grandad Dog, will see that, The Dawning Of A New Age Is Coming! *snickers* Now, I Just Gotta Go Find Him!

(He walks off in search for Grandad Dog)

This Scene would've occured after Danny,Brianna Bear, and Suzy go to The Diner.