Peppa: I'm doing biology.

Miss Donkey: As you all know, we're doing Biology. Let's dissect a frog and study the organs.

Frida Frog: Noooooooooooooo!

Miss Donkey: It's also Behaviour Card Day, *gives Peppa a rainbow card* Peppa, enjoy being expelled for getting a Rainbow Card.

Peppa: Why am I getting expelled?

Miss Donkey: You are the best student ever.

Peppa: Can I stay?

Miss Donkey: Yes, just reclaim your card. Tina Tiger, Zack Zebra, Penny Puppy and Zoë Zebra a green card* You get a year off school. *gives everyone else a yellow card, a white card and Patricia Poodle a red card* Yellow card people, you're just having a talk after school. White card people, nothing happens. Patricia Poodle, you're expelled.

Peppa: *reclaims the rainbow card for a white card* Ahhh. I want it back! *rereclaims it for the rainbow card* I can go home. *goes home*

Mummy Pig: Why are you home early?

Peppa: I got expelled...

Daddy Pig: You are grounded.

Peppa: I got expelled from school for getting a rainbow card.

Mummy Pig & Daddy Pig: Is a rainbow card a good card?

Peppa: Yes.

Mummy Pig & Daddy Pig: Oh.


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