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Babble, Inc. is a computer company based in San Francisco. They produce some of the most well-known products in the world, such as the uPhone.

It is a parody of Apple.


Name Type Years
Babble I Computer 1976-1977
Babble II Computer 1977-1981
Babble III Computer 1980-1984
Babble Sara Computer 1983-1986
Hollendale 128K Computer 1984-1985
Hollendale II Computer 1987-1990
Hollendale Portable Laptop 1989-1991
uHollen G3 Computer 1998-2003
HollenLeaflet Pro Gen 1 Laptop 2006-2012
uPhone 2G Phone 2007-2008
uPhone 3G Phone 2007-2008
HollenLeaflet Pro '13 Laptop 2008-Current
HollenLeaflet Pro '15 Laptop 2008-Current
HollenLeaflet Pro '17 Laptop 2008-Current
uPhone 3Gz Phone 2008-2009
uPhone 4 Phone 2009-2013
uPhone 4z Phone 2010-2014
uPad GEN1 Tablet 2010-2011
uPad GEN2 Tablet 2011-2012
HollenLeaflet Retina Laptop 2011-Current
uPad GEN3 Tablet 2012-2012
uPad GEN4 Tablet 2012-Current
uPad mini Tablet 2012-2013
uPhone 5 Phone 2012-Current
uPhone 5S Phone 2013-Current
uPad Wind Tablet 2013-Current
uPad mini2 Tablet 2013-Current
uPhone 5C Phone 2013-Current
uPhone 6 Phone 2014-Current
uPad Wind2 Tablet 2014
Babble Watch Watch 2015-Current
uPhone 7 Phone 2016-Current

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