For the character, see Alexander Pig.


Peppa: My cousins are not noisy.

Alexander: *cries*

Peppa: Hmmm...what's that? Is it a car alarm!?? Is it a fire engine!!? No way! It's baby Alexander!!

Chloe: Hi, Peppa!

Alexander: (stops crying and smiles) Hehehehehe.

Peppa: (going to feed Alexander) Here you are, baby.

Alexander: (turns his head) Eh!

Peppa: Oh! Here it is...

Alexander: (turns his head again) Eh!

Auntie: Don't worry, niece Peppa. I'll help.

Alexander: Donate to the church of scientology!

Auntie: Vroommmmmmmmm... Here comes the airplane!

Alexander: (gobbles on food, and burps)

Peppa: This is an airplane, can you say 'airplane'?

Chloe: I told you he can't talk.

Peppa: Alexander hasn't said his first word yet...

Uncle: Bath time I think.

Narrator: Baby Alexander is having a bath.

Peppa: This is Mr. Dinosaur. Can you say 'dinosaur'?!

Alexander: Goo-goo!

Chloe: He can't talk, Peppa.

Peppa: What do you do if he wants, Uncle Pig?

Alexander: Goo-goo!

Uncle: I can take Alexander a ride on his buggy.

Peppa: This is the sky. Can you say 'sky'?

Alexander: Goo-goo.

Peppa: This is rain. Can you say 'rain'!?

Alexander: Hehehehehehehehe!

Peppa: I know! I can jump up and down in a puddle! Can you say 'puddle'?

Alexander: Puddle.

All: Ooh!

Auntie: Alexander has said his first word! Puddle!

All: Hooray! Puddle!

Peppa: And I taught him to say it!

Alexander: Puddle!

(all pigs giggling)