Peppa: I've come to see Rosie and Robbie.

Miss Rabbit: Hello!

Peppa: Don't go insane!

Miss Rabbit's eyes catch on fire and she flies around trying to eat Peppa.

Deleted Scene

Miss Rabbit trying to eat Peppa!

Peppa: HELP!

Richard: BONBON!

Peppa and Richard teleport to the Planet of Bonbons.

Peppa: This place looks like a giant bonbon! It appears like we are in a swamp of chocolate. Where are we?

Richard: A chocolate swamp.

Peppa: No seriously.


The swamp starts to shake and Rosie and Robbie clones come out of the swamp.


Richard: Look out, cause things are gonna get pretty CRACKTASTIC! (turns into the Flying Miss Rabbit that tries to eat Peppa.)

Suzy: EARTH! (teleports Peppa and herself to earth)

Peppa: Why do I feel funny?

Suzy: You look normal.

Peppa: I'm not normal!

Mac Pig: Are you ok Peppa? You look like your bonbon self.

Peppa: (looks at self) I'm a strawberry bonbon!

Mummy Rabbit: Wake up! It's a dream!

Peppa: (wakes up) Huh? Why am I at Rebecca's house?

Mummy Rabbit: Rebecca? Are you ok?

Peppa: (looks in mirror and see's she has become Rebecca) OH MY GOD! (squeak) I'm Rebecca Rabbit!

Mummy Rabbit: Here's a few bonbons.

The bon bons turns into Miss Rabbit, Rosie, and Robbie.

Miss Rabbit: Rebecca you're ugly!

Peppa: AHH! (turns normal)

Rosie and Robbie: Ha yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (jump at Peppa)

Peppa wakes up to see that she was dreaming.

Daddy Pig: Hello Peppa. Would you care for a bonbon?

Peppa: NO! I hate bonbons forever!

The End


This had a lot to do with Bonbons.