Peppa wants to do the greatest backflip known to man.


Tv: will Pippa get Susan lamb back? find out in another episode of Pippa pork!

Peppa: Tv channels in the Pippalaxy are always so weird.

George: i know, right. yet these shows are so much better.

Peppa: wanna keep watching?

George: sure.

Suzy: SPEAK FOR YOUSELF. ~looks through a telescope~ HOLY SHNAP I CAN SEE PLUTO

Pedro: lies

Tv: Pippa is about to preform the Backflip peppa!

Peppa: ~looks at the tv~ the backflip what?

Pippa: woah-woah-woah! ~backflips over a house and into space~ OLÈ!

Peppa:...woooah. i NEED to do that backflip!

George: seriously? this is THAT kind of episode?

Peppa: the backflip Peppa is literally named after me!


Pedro: ~snatches the telescope~ give me that! ~looks through it~ i can't see anything.

Peppa: ~backflips over the couch~ OLÈ-- ~hits the ceiling~ 

~some fairies fly in from under the couch~

Narrator: it's the Peppasaurus fairies!

Fairies: we will help you do the backflip peppa, peppa!

Peppa: ~still on the ceiling~ too late. already did it.


tv: never do anything you see on tv!

Peppa: GUYS! don't see see that this is the worst thing the people on peppapedia have ever read!?

George: yea! it's so boring and not thought through.

Alfirk: sorry guys. i haven't eaten all day ;(

Peppa: well YOU GO EAT THEN. just stop making peppapedia's eyes bleed!

The end

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