Daddy Pig firing the 3004 in Peppa Pig: The Movie.

The Bazook-a-Tronic is the name for line of bazooka products. Grampy Rabbit, Mr. Fox, Lord Fry, Daddy Pig, and Morty are the only people known to have owned at least one of the products. They appear in Peppa Pig : The Movie and "The Visitors".


Name Owner(s) Description Released
Bazook-a-Tronic 2000 Grampy Rabbit

An old bazooka. It fires missiles, and is the earliest known product in the line.

Bazook-a-Tronic 3000 Mr. Fox, Daddy Pig

Slightly bigger than the 2000, allowing bigger missiles to be fired.

Bazook-a-Tronic 3004 Daddy Pig Faster and way more precise than the 3000. 2004
Bazook-O-Matic Lord Fry (formerly), Morty (formerly), Grampy Rabbit (formerly)

Burst (Currently)

A mortar cannon that is 10 times bigger than the 3000. The newest, too. 2011