Miss Rabbit: Ok this weekend we will have a Beach Blanket contest eatch of you will have buddies two team upit will be a the beach don't get blankets from home we have some here it will be this Sunday see you there (later that day) Peppa: Suzy do you want to be my Beach Blanket Buddie Suzy: sorry Peppa i am with Danny Peppa: OH ok. Pedro: Peppa i have no one else will you be my Beach Blanket Buddie Peppa: ok lets start now Pedro: ok (trying to do it) Peppa: Pedro you keep falling down we will not win on Sunday  Pedro: sorry Peppa i will try to keep standing up (Sunday) Miss. Rabbit; Ok everyone he are the rules you hop in the blanket if you both fall down you are out first one to get to the warter wins ok ready seat go!(later in the race) Peppa: come on Pedro we and Suzy and Danny are the only one's left Perdo: I am trying Peppa: come Pedro hop faster Pedro Ok Peppa: we are side to side with them and we are colse to the water lets hop faster Danny: Suzy they are ahead Suzy: Danny Danny: we have to get ahead of them Suzy: Danny! look out for that rock (hits rock and both fall down) Peppa: we are almost there (get to the wtere and win) Miss. Rabbit the winner's are Peppa and Pedro Pedro we win that was fun Peppa yes it was Pedro Miss Rabbit ok everyone it is time to get in to water and have fun (everyone giggles) (end)

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