Beauty is a single by Star Sheep.


Oh, isn't she a beauty?
She doesn't wear that basic shit (x3)
[Verse 1]
She's stunning (stunning)
All the dudes fall in love with her (her)
The girls say "She's so sexy (sexy)"
And she doesn't give a fuck
Because beauty doesn't really matter
Nope, she doesn't give a fuck
She's such a beauty
But not just on the outside
On the inside
On the inside
She's such a beauty
[Verse 2]
Beauty pageants
People force her into
But she doesn't wanna do that shit
Because beauty is on the inside too
And she thinks, “Are they admiring my face or my boobs?”
And they never answer
[Verse 3]
They try to make her skinny
Because they think it's pretty
But no, no, no
You can't do that to someone else
No, no, no
[Chorus x10]