Beckie Bear: I'm going to return a book to- *drops a book* Oh, dear! I better pick this up.

Brianna Bear: Oh, how babyish! "Everything You Need To Know About Mr. Potato" Ha ha.

Beckie Bear: I want to return that to the library!

Brianna Bear: I'll give it back to you if you read more "grown-up" children's books.

Beckie Bear: OK.

Rosa Rabbit: I am going to visit my mum's classroom at the Peppatown Academy for Young Artists.

Peyton Peacock: Pauline, can you throw me the ball?

Pauline Peacock: Sure! *throws the ball*

Miss Rabbit: Time to go home, Whitney.

Whitney Wolf: Mummy! Mummy! I had a great day at school!

Aunty Wolf: Good.

Next: Beckie Returns Her Books To The Libary

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