This episode is about the day Charles Cat and Taylor Tapir met Bentley and Barney.


Charles: Taylor, what should we do after school?

Taylor: Go to the playground. Or probably get some ice cream.

Bentley: Hey, get away from us, you stinky know-it-alls!

Barney: Yeah. Did you each eat a wet nappy this morning?

Bentley: (whispering) Enough with the insults. Now it's prank time!

Charles: Don't fall for it. You know what little kids are like these days. *hops on scooter and scoots to Peppatown Primary School*

Taylor: Lemme just do something, Charles. Boys, who's your teacher?

Bentley & Barney together: Madame Gazelle.

Taylor: You mean she's a gazelle like I'm a tapir?

Bentley: Yeah. She's over there talking to Kaylee for being snobbish to Peppa.

Taylor: Okay. *walks to Madame Gazelle* Excuse me, but Bentley and Barney were teasing me and my friend Charles Cat for things that aren't true about us.

Madame Gazelle: I'll talk to them so long as you manage to get to school early enough to not be accused of being late afterwards.

Taylor: Okay. *walks off to school*

Madame Gazelle: Well, that tapir really DID leave early. Bentley, Barney, can you write a note for the tapir and Charles?

Bentley & Barney together: Okay. *walk inside and write the note*

Madame Gazelle: Peppa, can you deliver this letter to the school?

Peppa: Yes. I'm very good at delivering! *walks to Peppatown Primary School and goes to Taylor and Charles' class*

Betty: *looks between Charles and Taylor to read the note* Oh, my naughty, insulting little brothers!


  • There was no one supervising Peppa when she walked to the school.

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