Bertram Turns 10


Peppa: Post! Post! *runs downstairs and opens letter* What does it say, Mummy?

Mummy Pig: It says 'Dear Peppa, You're invited to my birthday. It's next Wednesday! Yours sincerely, Bertram Bliter.'

Peppa: Wow! I like Bertram!

Next Wednesday...

Bertram's friends: Happy birthday, Bertram!

Mummy McKenzie: And here are your cake and present!

Bertram: Mmm. Yum. And what's my present?

Mummy McKenzie: The Aircraft Book!

Peppa: What are the party games?

Mummy McKenzie: Sorry, Peppa, but this is a big kid party. No party games, but you could go upstairs and play with Bertram's toys like his train set!

Peppa: I'll just ask him first.

Mummy McKenzie: You are just the sweetest girl, Peppa!

Brianna: *cries*

Mummy McKenzie: Och, Brianna, aside from you.

Peppa: Bertram, can I play in your room?

Bertram: The playground's near here. Let's play there!

Peppa: Yeah!

[Bertram and Peppa go to the playground and play on the slide, swings, see-saw and everything else]

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