Peppa: I miss Bertram and Brianna.

Mummy Pig: Don't worry. They're coming home today. We're giving them a surprise welcome home party at their house, so we'd better find places to hide!

Peppa: That sounds fun. Are we going yet?

Daddy Pig: Actually, yes.

[The Pigs get into the car, drive to Bertram's house and go in]

Daddy Pig: So where are we all going to hide? I'll hide in the cellar. *goes through the door under the staircase to get to the cellar*

Peppa: I'll hide in the playroom. *goes to playroom*

George: Horsey! Horsey! *hides behind a large Rainbow Dash plushie*

Mummy Pig: I'll hide behind the sofa. *hides behind sofa*

Meanwhile, on the plane the McKenzies were coming home on....

[The plane lands and the passengers get off]

Brianna: I wonder if our friends have a surprise party for us! *giggles*

Bertram: Brianna, why would they think of doing that? We never get stuff like that. I wish we did.

Back at Bertram's house....

Bertram: See, Brianna? No surprise party.

[The Pigs throw a surprise party with food, games and more]

Brianna: See? A surprise party! Told you so!

Bertram: Oh, yes! Lucky us!

Brianna: That food looks really, really yummy! *goes to the dining table to get the food that was placed there*

Bertram: And those games look like big challenges! *goes to the bed to play the games that were placed there*

Peppa: Welcome back, Bertram and Brianna! What do you think of our surprise party?

Bertram: It was fantastic and was a surprise all right, but not so much for Brianna!

Brianna: Yeah. But it's better than I expected!

George: You nice! *hugs Brianna*

Brianna: Oh! *giggles*

Mummy Pig: Welcome back, Mrs McKenzie. I got you a book — Detective Potato's Great Mystery!

Mummy McKenzie: Oh, I love Detective Potato! *gets the book*

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