[The episode starts outside Peppa's house.]

Andrei: Hello Peppa. I am Nick Gazelle's non-emo great grandson.

Peppa: You don't look like one. You look like a human.

Andrei: Uh...

Narrator: That's odd, Andrei has no reflection in the mirror.

Everybody but Andrei: Eeeeeek vampire!

Andrei: I'm a nice one.

Peppa: Oh.

Danny: Wanna go to the newest Dog's Pizza location?

Andrei: Dog's Pizza is just a pizzeria that is multiplying all over the world.

Danny: Oh.

Andrei: What about Sable's Japanese Hibachi?

[Bertram and Brianna pop out of no where.]

Bertram: Hello. What's this? *drinks potion*

Andrei: That's a monster-

[Bertram grows hair all over his body.]

Write the transcript, BatucanClouden


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