[Shows inside Andrei Dracul's bedroom.]

Andrei: [surfing the web on his laptop] Betsy Bat has a candy website? 

Bats in Betty white: Me?

Andrei: No stupid! *kicks Bats in Betty white out of his room* Now what is his phone number? *calls 215-BETSY-BAT*

Betsy Bat: [on phone] Hello?

[Cuts to Betsy Bat at the West Strangetown Playgroup.]

Betsy: Where is Andrei? 

[Betsy goes inside the building.]

Betsy: Andrei?

[Shows Andrei as a bat on the ceiling.]

Andrei: *turns back into his normal self* Betsy? Nice to see you again.

Miss Potato: We have two visitors today, Andrei and Betsy Bat.

Evan: VAMPIRE! *hides under a blanket and eats some candy made by Mr. Edafile for Miss Potato*

Miss Potato: Evan?!?!

Andrei: *turns into a bat and searches under the blanket*

[Andrei finds Evan's deceased corpse with the empty bowl under his head.]

Andrei: *comes out of the blanket and turns back into his normal self* Evan died.

Mr. Edafile: *walks in* I'm back. I just realized that the candy I bought you had drugs in it. The company was Skunk's Death Candy. It was recalled and I wanted to be nice to my class.

Miss Potato: Your favorite student, Evan has been found dead.

Mr. Edafile: *BLEEP* Mr. Skunk.

Miss Potato: Excuse me, there are children in the room.

Mr. Edafile: Sorry.

Andrei: My great-great-great-great grandfather created Sauin a holiday for the Transylvanian House of Sauin to replace the surname Dracul, until 1899 when we reverted our last names. Before Sauin, we created a holiday called Dracul for the kingdom.

Everyone: What?

Andrei: I am really obsessive.

[Cuts to Mr. Skunk.]

Mr. Skunk: Those *BLEEP* are too stupid to know that there are drugs in them.

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