(We begin were the daddy's and Misters Bull, Rhino and Retriever were playing football where Peppa, George and there friends (along with the mummy's, the Bear family, and Simon Squrriel) were watching theme when the balls lands in the next door neighbors backyard then they heard a sound)

??????: ARGH!

Daddy Pig: *blushes* whoops

Mr. Bull: MOO, oh no right into your next door neighbors backyard

Daddy Pig: i'll be getting the ball

(Daddy Pig goes to the new neighbors fence and sees the ball in a garden of tomatos and sees Mr. Badger upset then Peppa aprouches the fence then the ball gets out of the fence then Mr. Badger and his children comes out of the fence door and aproaches Peppa, George, and Daddy Pig)

?????: Hello there, i'm Betty BadgerUrt - Urt

Peppa: i'm Peppa Pig. OINK, this is my little brother George.

George: OINK - OINK

Betty: these are my little brothers Bentley and Barney

Bentley and Barney: Urt - Urt - Urt - Urt

(Bentley and Barney goes up to George and takes Mr. Dinosaur and tosses him around, and George starts crying then Richard starts getting angry then Richard approches theme and kicks theme causing theme to drop Mr. Dinosaur causing theme to cry then Betty notices and gives theme there toy dinosaur a dipodocus)

Bentley and Barney: our dinosaur, grrr

Mr. Badger: Hello Daddy Pig

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