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Peppa goes to find out if the legend of Heropig is real! and just like Peppa and the apple juice, this will be written in parts.(lol this is the first Non-cracktastic thing i've ever written)


Peppa is having a sleepover at suzy's house

Suzy: ~on her computer~ (gasps) hey peppa! this is the thing i was telling you about!

Peppa: ? ~walks over to suzy's computer~

Suzy: turns out it's called 'Heropig' and he's really evil!

Peppa: i'm pretty sure that's just photoshopped george.

Suzy: i dunno.. these sighting reports look pretty serious. and i'm PRETTY sure that's who i saw during our picnic! know what? just to prove you wrong, i'm gonna go find Heropig!

Suzy: WHAT!? but you could get hurt! or worse!

Peppa: I'm gonna put this whole silly legend to rest!

Suzy: but it's freezing out! and plus, you really don't have to.

Peppa: ~stares at suzy~ yes i do. ~puts on hat, scarf, coat, mittens, and boots~

Suzy: well, if you're really gonna go, many say he's been sighted in the Peppatown forest. 

Peppa: then i guess that's where i'm going. ~opens suzy's front door~ FARE THEE WELL, SUZY! ~slams door~

Suzy: fare thee well, peppa ~wipes tear from eye~...fare thee well....

~meanwhile, outside~

Peppa: ~talking to herself~ alright, i packed two bottles of apple juice, some bread, a flashlight, and a sword....just in case. ~starts walking~ 

~2 hours later~

Peppa: ~breathing heavily~ it's taking a LOT longer than i thought! wait a minute...

~2 more hours later~

back at suzy's house

Peppa: ~opens door~ hey suzy?

Suzy: yea?

Peppa: how many miles is a trip from your house to the Peppatown forest?

Suzy: 2000 miles.

Peppa: i'll take my bike.....

TO BE CONTINUED (i swear, the sequel will be a LOT longer)

hey guys

just so you know, the sequel has been renamed "the legend of Heropig" just because it sounds cooler XD