Blossom fighting Mojo

Note: I haven't actually seen a full episode of The Powerpuff Girls, so this is pretty crazy!



Peppa: *runs into house* Mummy, Daddy, there's a huge green ape attacking Peppatown! Do something!

Maddy: *arrives* That's Mojo Jojo from The Powerpuff Girls!

Peppa: Who are they?

Maddy: The stars of a show on Cartoon Network. Their names are Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup!

Peppa: Should we call them?

Mummy Pig: Of course we should.

George: Pow a puff! Pow a puff!

Blossom: (on phone) Hello, this is the Powerpuff Hotline! I'm surprised to hear this call because Mojo Jojo's not in Townsville today!

Mummy Pig: Yes, he's not in Townsville. He's in Peppatown! We live there!

Bubbles: (in the background of the call) Oh, that Mojo Mojo Mojo. I'll protect you two from him, Teddy and Dolly.

Mummy Pig: You sound different!

Blossom: (on phone) Oh, that's my sister Bubbles. I'M Blossom.

Mummy Pig: Well, Blossom, come here quick! And if you like jumping up and down in muddy puddles, stay to do it!

Blossom: (on phone) Okay. *ends call and flies to Peppatown*

Peppa: Keep it up, Powerpuff Girl!

Blossom: Don't do that! I have a name! Blossom!

Peppa: Well, keep it up, Blossom!

Blossom: *finishes defeating Mojo* Looks like Peppa's also around my age.

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