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Boooo Booooo Peppa is an episode and crossover where Peppa gets booed at the audience in Peppa Pig's Digs.


Rogi the little green bus was taking Peppa, Zoë, Emily and Nick to Dog's Pizza. "Mmmmm! We love pizza!" said everybody. "Can you give me pizza, please?" said Rogi. "NEIGH!" Seoul buses can't eat pizza, silly!" said Zoë. "Awww!" Rogi whined. "RAAADICAL food!" said Nick. "Then, a loud "WHAAAAAAAAA!" could be heard from the boot. It wasn't George Pig, because he was going on a date with Elly Pig. Rogi didn't realise that he was going to babysit Baby Alexander for the day when Aunty and Uncle Pig were away. When Peppa was full, she decided that Rogi could take her to a stage show called "Peppa Pig's Digs". "I can take you there!" Rogi replied. "But I'm not sure that my Rogi fans would think that having a pig on stage is a good idea!" "They'll say yes! Don't worry!" said Peppa (acting like a showoff just like Nick). "Um, if you give it a try!" Rogi said. Then, Rogi took Peppa to Peppa Pig's Digs. "Hello guys. My name is............ROGIIIII!" Rogi said to his fans. "I have a new friend called.......PEPPAA PIGGGG!" The audience disagree about Peppa and booed her. "Hmph! Why are they booing me?" said Peppa, feeling quite cross. "I think they hate girly characters on the TV." said Rogi, trying to help her. "Let George perform instead." "He's going on a date with Elly!" Peppa warned him. "Okay, let Tayo perform instead." Rogi said, thinking up a clever idea. "Good Idea!" smiled Peppa. Rogi said to the audience "Peppa is cancelled off the show, so here comes my good friend..........TAYOOO!". "Yaaaaayyy!" cheer the audience. Then, a clip from Cars 2 turned on saying "I want to siphon your gas!". Everyone ran away. All was silent, until Tayo said "What just happened?". "Dunno." Peppa said. I am going to shoot the boo booey audience with a shotgun." "No!" Rogi said. "You can't do that!" "Oh, sorry guys." Peppa said, feeling guilty.

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