Bertram: *goes around Peppatown giving out brochures and putting up posters for Brianna's Scottish dancing concert* It's Peppa's house! Peppa, George, do you want to come to my sister's Scottish dancing concert?

Peppa: Yes! I like Scottish dancing.

George: Con-set! Con-set!

Bertram: Yes, George. Concert. Here's the brochure, Peppa. *gives Peppa brochure* Give it to your Mum and Dad! *walks off*

Peppa: Mummy, Daddy, look!

Mummy Pig: Peppa, what do you have there?

Peppa: It's something called a brohochure. Bertram gave it to me and it's about Brianna's Scottish dancing concert!

Mummy Pig: Wow! We should go there, shouldn't we, Daddy Pig?

Daddy Pig: I say, yes!

That night.....

Mummy Pig: It's nearly time! Into the car, everybody!

Rest of Pig family: *gets into car*

Mummy Pig: Here we go! *starts driving*

(scene shifts to concert)

Bertram: (collecting tickets) Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you...

Peppa: You're welcome, Bertram. *walks to seat*

Host: Please welcome Brianna McKenzie, also known as Brianna Cutie!

Brianna: Hi, everyone! I will now start the show! *starts dancing*

After the concert.....

Peppa: Brianna, you did so well!

Brianna: Thanks, Peppa!

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