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Brianna Bear is one of Peppa Pig's enemies and Emily Elephant's members. She hangs out with Lisa Fox, Emily Elephant and Peppa. She is the younger sister of Belinda Bear and older sister of Bertie Bear.

She is a bully in Emily's clique. When Emily insults Peppa in a certain way, Lisa agrees and Brianna agrees 'even more'. She has a dog that hates spreadable ham. She reformed in one episode.

In ‘Poppies and Puddles’ Brianna leaves Emily's clique. She got very angry when she was insulted by Paddington in "Priscilla Pig" and nearly ripped his face off.

She does not go to playgroup in CreationBeTheWorld23's fanon, instead she is privately visited by a tutor.


She has brown skin and wears a blue dress and pink glasses.

In ‘Poppies and Puddles’ she has light yellow glasses and wears a light greenish-cyan dress and a dark green hat with a light yellow ribbon tied in a bow at the front. In the episode her ears are hardly ever visible because her hat covers them up. However, when Brianna is seen ordering a Burger Pig her ears are visible as she holds her hat in her paw.


  • Brianna is indirectly responsible for Suzy's death.